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** Name : CryptoMe .NET #1
** Coding : Average
** Protection : Average/Hard
** Restrictions: No patching!

This simple CryptoMe has just a few
algos - But there is one major rule:
NO PATCHING whatsoever!

I know it may be hard to realize that
patching isnt allowed - but it is possible;)

Tools needed:

Best - Make a keygen in any other language
than .NET...
Good - Make a keygen in .NET...
Bad - Keygen + Patch (NOT ALLOWED!)

..:: GREETZ ::..
To the ones that support me the most!

/Regards, SubmiN|KinG

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 12. Mar, 2008
Downloads: 540


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Discussion and comments

12. Mar 2008
This was quite fun. I attempted at first to look at things with ollydbg, but once I fired up Reflector it was a simple matter of looking at the checkme functions.

As a novice I found this quite fun :)
12. Mar 2008
But remember the rules matey: NO PATCHING ;)
Get me a good solution + keygen, and I`ll say we`ve both been satisfied :=)

13. Mar 2008
I'm stuck at the signature. I guess I'm missing something, 'cause I don't know how to create a valid one without the private key...
15. Mar 2008
Okay, rules have changed!
If its too hard for you to make a keygen only, its now allowed to make a little patch on the side aswell - but the patch has to be in the keygen aka keygen+patch in one!

Why I ask for both in one, is cuz this crackme was firstly intended for the ones that can code and crack well and not the newbie level!

So enjoy!

21. Mar 2008
super, what I see is a 512bit rsa verification inside, good luck with factoring.
28. Apr 2009
Hmm, it can be so difficult...
Wich function decrypts the second Dll in the Ressource?

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