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SK's BreakMe #1:
Written in .NET, and the following rules apply:

/Enjoy this one!

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 15. May, 2008
Downloads: 486


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Discussion and comments

15. May 2008
Lol, this is a joke? :P
I don't think its a level 3, probably a level 2 or 1 ;)

This is easy even for me, which i'm a .NET noob :P
15. May 2008
maybe easy for u bro, but what about the dedicated .NET freaks who has no clue about x86 in general? :P
17. May 2008
Mach 4 plz make a video soln for this 1. N yeah looking forward to HMX0101 's soln. I cdnt make any sense of the code in reflector. :-(
19. May 2008
I know very little about .NET, but I do think I understand the functions shown in Reflector.
That does not help me to solve the crackme, however. Olly isn't much help here. I can break several places in ADVAPI or rsaEnh or mcorwks, but that doesn't get me anywhere.
I hope someone writes a solution. What do you say, HMX0101?
19. May 2008
the problem is emulating the GetHashCode with another language. How do it in c++??
20. May 2008
crackme uses GetHashCode. So keygen should use GetHashCode but I have not Visual Studio so I can not write a .Net application. How can I write a keygen emulating GetHashCode with another language??
20. May 2008
I'm not sure that you can unless you can locate the hash algorithm somewhere!
I don't think its very complicated, just needs to be found if you want to use it in another language. could be making things difficult for yourself though because GetHash & GetHashCode usually involves a few other cryptos in most Crackmes of that type.
21. May 2008
okok I'm downloading Visual Studio Trial from Microsoft Site
31. May 2008
no solution yet? it cant be that hard....
31. May 2008
MSDN has many examples on how to use GetHashCode in other languages than the .NET Framework.
31. May 2008
costy, open up relfector and use it to analyze mscorlib->System.String.GetHashCode ;)
01. Jun 2008
I think it's quite easy, but damn there is a lot of functions, that needs to be analyzed -.-
12. Jul 2008
Could someone explain something about this crackme??
All is unreadable.
12. Jul 2008
I want to mean how is it possible to understand something like these lines:

Dim ░2 As ░3 = ░3.op_RightShift(k, shiftVal)
Return ░3.▄38(P, Q, ░2, n, constant, shiftVal)

Strange net application.
12. Jul 2008
Those weird symbols have replaced the original plain names. its for making the code harder to read and also will crash VS if you try to copy & paste them. Have a look at one of my previous tutes, it shows a manual way to sort them out into understandable names. If these function hieroglyphics grow much more it will be worth considering dumping into a file a run some scripts on it (find and replace). Beware some names especially in function definitions might have to be changed back to original names to work.

BTW. when I see GetHashCode in crackmes I'm always a bit cautious because the outcome is not guaranteed to be unique, at least not in a double, string or arrays...
14. Jul 2008
I read them. T
he dump fuction of net reflector doesnt work really well. Infact if i dump a normal application it gives me a lot of problems. I usually copy and paste code manually. If it gives me problems with standard application... It surely dont work on this one. I hope someone send a solution explaining how does he solved it and what tool he used. I hope the author will give some helps. Bye.
14. Jul 2008
Their from the unicode character set, VS don't like unicode and reflector gets a bit sticky with it sometimes but you can copy and paste it after a few attempts.
might be easier to dump it into notepad with the unicode option on, it will preserve the characters
15. Jul 2008
Really interesting. MACH4 your informations are really interesting.

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