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Hi All!. This is the first part of my three part experiment. It consist, in a code routine that you have to decrypt with a "magical" key in order, to activate this crackme.

Read instructions carefully. Debugging, you will see when you will be registered.

It's simple, then a second part will appear. :)


Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 08. Aug, 2006
Downloads: 496


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Discussion and comments

21. Aug 2006
I think I did it. But I'm not very sure. This crackme uses xor's result as machine code and run it. So I asm "mov ebx, 0x00454870; jmp ebx" here 0x00454870 is the proc which display "about dialog". The machine code for the two instructions is "BB70484500FFE3", and then xor with the first 14 bytes of the 96 bytes key "585FE3A2661063", result is E32FABE766EF80. So the final key is a 96bytes-len key, begin with "E32FABE766EF80".
21. Aug 2006
Hi!, Thanks for try to crack this Crackme. Uhm... your solution is not correct... the final code don't have to point to the about dialog. You have to create a license key, to finally will decrypt in a "good boy" code...

It's difficult coz u don't know the code target... but this is the idea... :)

"without references... we cannot crack..."

Keep trying...
03. Sep 2006
hi, author!
little info, please.
1. does "Actiovation" means enabling TMemo control (or other)?
2. must "final message" be in keyfile?
2a. & it must be text in Memo?
3. Can i produce my variant of key or only your variant is expected?
03. Sep 2006
hi jE!, thanks for your interest in my crackme.

1. you don't have to activate nothing....
2. keyfile has to be the "magic key" to decrypt da crypted code...
2a. u don't have to think in this memo... u have to find a correct key... this memo is used to load the magical key in da keyfile...
3. you have to find the magical key, that i use to decrypt da correct code. if u can find the correct key in order to decrypt the original designed code, you are a gurú. :)

salut dude!
03. Sep 2006
ok, thank for replay!

last question(i'm lazy:)
encrypted code is those HEX-bytes?
04. Sep 2006
yeah, encrypted code is those HEX-strange bytes.... no hash, nothing. only a lazy xor. :)

see ya m8.
30. Oct 2006
It's unpossible, because Your key is too long:
too many possibilities without any additional data or conditions.
09. Nov 2006
I could make a tiny key version if you want... so you could try it... wait me some says.

thanks... :)

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