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This is a console crackme that was coded in VB .NET 2005 Beta 1.
It is multi-threaded and .NET protected just so you can't use a
reflector program to view the exact source code. Well, unless
You can find a way around that. When you thin you have found the
correct serial, look very carefully because you're just getting
started with the whole thing! All you need to do is keygen it
when you figure out how the key is being generated. Be patient!
Good luck and have fun with this one. Have fun with all of them!""

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 30. May, 2005
Downloads: 740


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Discussion and comments

29. May 2005
I can't launch it, it says:

"A fatal error occured. However, mscorees.dll could no be loaded to display the appropriate error message.

Please reinstall the .NET Framework."
29. May 2005

.NET Framework 2.0 Beta.

Sorry I probably should have put that in the readme.
30. May 2005
The new version is accepted by me. Hope it works now...
30. May 2005
When I try a serial,
The program crash with a "System.MissingMethodException".

Does it crashes on purpose or i fucked the installation or whatever... ?
31. May 2005
It's not on purpose. I don't think you have the framework installed right. I've tested this on XP Pro, XP Home, and 2000 Server. So if you aren't using one of those let me know.
31. May 2005
I'm running under win2k3.

but anyway, it's so obfuscated, i won't be able to reverse it
31. May 2005
There are ways other than viewing the source you know. :)

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