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Welcome to my 2nd crackme.

This crackme is designed to be broken by (preferably) being serial phished, keygenned, or patched (patch should be easy).

MOD: Keygen is the acceptable solution.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 04. Feb, 2013
Downloads: 531


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Discussion and comments

06. Feb 2013
what's the anti debug method ?
06. Feb 2013
Hey Fresco, there are a few anti debug checkpoints, NtQueryInfo, IsDebuggerPresent, etc.
11. Feb 2013
Aww darn, it knows me too well!
It knows I'm a reverser ;D
11. Feb 2013
You have forgotten to strip the crackme of debug symbols, everything's visible.
11. Feb 2013
Well then it should make it a lot easier for you to post a solution : )
11. Feb 2013
i'm stuck, not even one of those anti-antidbg plugins work; :) but that's actually good cuz it forces me to find it myself :) thanks for the nice crackme :)
12. Feb 2013
Some of the plugins might work in Olly but not all.

IAT is still in tact though, so maybe try starting there as all (except one or two) anti debug tricks are reliant on win32 API calls. Don't want to reveal too much, but pay attention to the LoadLibrary calls, the rest should be transparent.

Thanks for the feedback Fresco, I appreciate it. Stay tuned for my next crackme!
01. Mar 2013
Hey i wanted to ask how you can actually crack this program without reversing it.I am noobie so please help >.>
04. Mar 2013
loizos - Cracking this program without reversing it would be like frying eggs without heating them, maybe it's possible but I don't think so : )

I'd recommend that you google 'lena's reverse engineering tutorials' and start with the first one, they are well done and you'll learn a lot.
30. Mar 2013
Thank you but i already learned how to do it :)
25. Mar 2014
I know it's late but @Fresco you can use Phant0m
It work w/ OllyDBG 1.1
30. Mar 2014
serial is based on Node-Name and IP (the mac is retrievd too, but i did not investigate if/how it is incorporated into the serial)
Basic serial format is as follows:

Interesting Functions are at 0x4091f8 and 0x408f1a

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