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VB CrackMe, kinda hard

Difficulty: 9 - You can't solve this yourself :)
Platform: Unspecified/other
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 23. Apr, 2003
Downloads: 1276


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Solution by MACH4, published 21. jul, 2010; download (36 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

16. Apr 2008
the packer yoda crypter is hard~crc bad or not? not run me..
16. Apr 2008
well the oep is
004010E0 > $ 68 EC164000 PUSH unpacked.004016EC

i was unpacked and now run, some crc was incorrect maybe in the packed, tool was helped
but are unpacked..yes true is difficult
16. Apr 2008
Yeah, the packed version doesn't run here either.
Got it unpacked through a sloppy method.
Unpacked version runs fine.
18. Apr 2008
well as is link to unpacked was cleared, but i was trying learn methods of bruteforce because are little xtrange..and maybe some day can solve this..
18. Apr 2008
Posting incomplete or rejected solutions in the "Discussion and Comments" area is not allowed.
07. May 2008
it's impossible to solve it
21. Jul 2010
I agree with costy, the algo don't have a solution
21. Jul 2010
@deurus said "the algo don't have a solution"

In a way your kinda right, it has multiple solutions!

22. Jul 2010
Yeah! MACH4

I have been mentally blinded with this

Good job!

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