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Hi there,

I wrote another relitively easy crackme. This is a little different that my previous crackmes in that there are a few exciting additions in it. Some of the code is obfuscated in six, including the serial-generation code as well as other “code” that may be of interest. I won’t say much more. After the unlock code has been found, type it in and it will de-obfuscate the serial generation code as with the two other challenges. If you enter an invalid code, the crackme will crash, as the de-obfuscation routine will contain garbage instruction sequences. After this bit has been complete it should be straight forward.

I hope you enjoy!

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 26. May, 2009
Downloads: 497


Votes: 6
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Solution by Skid Vicious, published 02. jun, 2009; download (18 kb), password: or browse.

Skid Vicious has rated this crackme as quite nice.

Solution by asterix, published 01. jun, 2009; download (19 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by indomit, published 01. jun, 2009; download (8 kb), password: or browse.

indomit has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

27. May 2009
Nice crackme!
Found one of correct unlock codes, and fished key for one name :)
29. May 2009
I was able to find out the "Unlock Code" and found the check for the serial and the username. I can't however, trace or follow along just to see what happens. Olly gets stuck. Did you add an antiOlly trick in there somewhere? Anyhow, I'll be able to make a solution soon enough. Good keygenme! =]
30. May 2009
aha!I have a mind,I find some magic data: for example, it must contain the "0040333a" data in code decoded,so easily guess it 's unlock code.
31. May 2009
Tony: If I remember correctly, your serial is compared to what's at that address as well. ;)
05. Jun 2009
>indomit: Thanks for taking the time to write a tutorial, it is well written and detailed.

>cobrasniper555: No there are no debuging tricks but remember that when you set a breakpoint, you add the byte CC to the code. I saw some debugging issued due to thise when testing my unlockme #8.

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