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I chose to obfuscate most of the code in this crackme besides the unlock functionality. The serial generation code is the same as in my last crackme (#3) so there will be opcode signatures that will enable you to brute out the code encryption key. If you haven't completed my last crackme, you should still be able to find valid code signatures in the code. I shan't say anymore. After the Unlock Code has been found, type it in and it will decrypt the serial generation code. Then it should be straight forward.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 02. Apr, 2007
Downloads: 871


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Solution by cyclops, published 11. apr, 2007; download (3 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

30. Mar 2007
I wrote a keygen by ripping the code - I know ripping sucks but it's tricky to write one in another language (I don't know if that was planned) because you allocated a bit less memory for the name ;)
31. Mar 2007
he hehe ... yea
One important thing about this crackme is that it reads a part of Generated Serial to make the next part of serial.[towards the end]
And the Difference between the name buffer input and Serial Buffer input must be exactly 16 bytes!
So the NameBuffer has to be 16dup(?) followed by the Serial Buffer !

works fine for me ...
31. Mar 2007
hey, starzboy have reason about name need to be followed by serial, maybe a bug? =/

anyway, keygen can be done and i've finished my one in delphi, so you can make one in any language you want ;)
31. Mar 2007
yo hmx ...
hmm yea name is followed by serial ... and the name buffer was 16 ... or maybe i missed sumthing .. will check it ...
07. Apr 2007
Nice crackme. Didn't see the signatures until after I had decrypted the code :P
07. Apr 2007
Glad you liked it. How did you solve it, care to explain?
Thanks in advance :)
08. Apr 2007
Published: 02. Apr, 2007
Downloads: 181

30. Mar, 22:10
I wrote a keygen by r..............

Comments before publishing the crackme?
ny way sovled.... :D
08. Apr 2007
It means the crackme was updated on April.

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