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Difficulty: 7 - Very hard
Platform: Unspecified/other
Language: Unspecified/other

Published: 09. Jan, 2003
Downloads: 2428


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Solution by Tymon, published 08. aug, 2005; download (46 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

08. Aug 2005
Conratz Tymon, very good solution. Altough I solved this crackme a long time ago (1 year) I never had the time to write a tutorial.
Btw, I factorized the modulus in 17 hours :( with RSATool.
If I correctly remember there was MD5 too and shifting CRC32 tables ... you were right no to mention those, because the values were overwritten later :).
In my keygen I got rid of the SHA1 too. I've set the a (big)= b:d [parts od sn] to 1 and M (big)= c:e [parts od sn] was x regardless of the hash :)
10. Aug 2005
yes .. i was stupid at coding that keygenme .. dunno why i set the sha-1 context back .. maybe it was too late in night or something else .. but congrats tymon for solution ;)
10. Aug 2005
I've go two questions about this keygenme.
1. If I enter a serial using Tymons keygen I get the error message "Datei nicht gefunden" upon pressing Alt+C
pressing the Check button gives a "Serial is not correct" message.

2.The keygenme also creates a key in the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Krypton\"C:-DOCUME~1-LOCALS~1-Temp-Temporary Directory 1 for"
Webroot Spy Sweeper report this key as the rbot (Trojan Horse).
Rbot is an Internet Relay Chat controlled Trojan horse that may allow a hacker to gain unrestricted access to your computer when you are online.

Thoughts please?
11. Aug 2005
in the crackme u can dl at or at my site there is no trojan inside. i think its because the file is crypted/packed. some scanner or anti-spy apps think there is a trojan but there isn't.
11. Aug 2005
Hi SB. Thanks for the reply.

Webroot detects the trojan when scanning the registry NOT the keygenme exe. The suspected registry entry is created upon running the keygenme.

Scanning the .zip reveals no infection.

Your file was downloaded from this site. It does seem unlikely that a trojan would be able to succesfully infect a packed file. Confused.
11. Aug 2005
Krypton is name of one older packer/protector.

I don't know how that key could harm you. It is under software key, which is mented for third paty software. As you can see, it points to some temp folder, so it could be just pathe that packer knows where tu unpack files. I have Krypton on my computer and some simmilar key for a long time now.

But then again, I'm toally noob so don't take my word for fact.

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