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Some big nums :)

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 29. Nov, 2006
Downloads: 707


Votes: 5
Crackme is nothing special.

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Solution by ORacLE_nJ, published 25. jun, 2010; download (179 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

27. Nov 2006
AVG free detects it as an "unknown virus". How on earth does it work that one out?
27. Nov 2006
I have unpacked the exe, but I could not able to unpack the crap0.dll. On my OS: WinXP Sp2, the crap0.dll could not dynamic load. The LoadLibary call at 00401102 in the exe failed.
Can you show me the packer name which used to pack the crap0.dll.
27. Nov 2006
I run Process Explorer, and I see the crap0.dll could not loaded in the process memory of original and not unpack Crackme2.exe. Can it be a bug of packer.
27. Nov 2006
@TQN:dll packed in the same way as the exe. here my unpacked dll,though i do not think it is necessary to unpack it.
27. Nov 2006
upx + Morphine 2.7
29. Nov 2006
New version uploaded, packers/crypters removed. Enjoy the crackme :)
29. Nov 2006
i have a silly question.. :)
the read me says that the rules are in the about button
well i got to a part that the crackme is acting wierd :)
when i load it i get a wierd msg box with .caption in cap
and when i click the about button some wierd msg box comes up again..and it doesnt show the rules...
so....i was thinking if it shows no rules could i patch it? hehe i'm kiddin i'm stuck :(
30. Nov 2006
check if s2License.reg file exists in the same directory.Delete it you have a clean About box.......
@savages, very boring crackme, still diging into it but no luck
30. Nov 2006
everyone has ideas but i personally dont think its boring, you must just see what is happening there, i've received a working keygen after 2days i released this crackme. So if you dont like it, you just dont spend your time on it, since this is just for fun..
30. Nov 2006
Hey, Savage just no offense at all, I liked it and your first one... But Cryptography is what makes me sweating in the winnter....................
01. Dec 2006
this is pretty easy if are familliar with crypto basics, nothing new but nice idea for keyfile crackme :) cheers Savage

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