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Easy for first :)

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 24. Nov, 2006
Downloads: 1722


Votes: 6
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Solution by pwn, published 04. feb, 2007; download (4 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by BaKaE, published 05. dec, 2006; download (229 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by hardcoder, published 01. dec, 2006; download (12 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by crack, published 01. dec, 2006; download (9 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

25. Nov 2006
Nice serialme. Already enabled the button, but i'm stuck at the serial generation. :(
25. Nov 2006
Yeah, me too, Step 1 ok, but can't always fail in registration, any hints? :(
25. Nov 2006
i don't understand what do you mean sign S(Hex)
and how about the result for this
A xor B =S
How i can make this xor = S
25. Nov 2006
2nd part is easy...

A serial can be:

XX = 3030 xor Sum(ComputerName)
Put in X's two bytes as ascii char...


XX = 3030 xor 1CB (my computername sum)
XX = 31FB


That's all ;)
25. Nov 2006
Hum, thanks HMX. The problem is that i've got stuck on all those DWORD PTR DS:[...]. I don't know what to do when see some codes with ald theses pointers. I don't know exatcly what this means and where are those values pointed.
27. Nov 2006
Solved without enabling the button. Just finding the right serial. Where is my mistake. Tomorrow i will post the sol.
27. Nov 2006
Sorry, need some more minutes. I am very close, however.
27. Nov 2006
Ok, give a hint how to enable the button without patching. I think I can give the routine calc.
27. Nov 2006
TO IronButterfly,

Pls re-read clipboard part of this proggie. Is this a hint? I dont know, ;-)
27. Nov 2006
Many thanks, ty123. It is a good hint. I already figured it out. I hope to post the sol tonight. Thank you again for your message! and sorry for my too many messages...
28. Nov 2006
yes thiz crackme is nice, easy to understand, but you need to think
a little to create a keygen

good work savage
28. Nov 2006
i hope you liked it :)
30. Nov 2006
Nice crackme. I enjoyed a lot. I asked also for a little help. I am posting the solution. Hope to be clear.
01. Dec 2006
HMX1010's comment should be removed... very big hint.
05. Dec 2006
Here is the sourcecode as i promised (:
08. Feb 2007
Cool crackme :)
09. Feb 2007
Just did it, I like it :).

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