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Another DOS crackme....this time it's time for some patching :)""

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: DOS
Language: Assembler

Published: 09. Jun, 2005
Downloads: 1016


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Solution by bi0w0rM, published 24. jun, 2005; download (3 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

05. Jun 2005
There are multiple ways of patching this CrackMe.
One way is a bit more difficult (And I think this was the way you meant it to be patched :) ).
But there's also a much easier way of patching the CrackMe and I think you overlooked that... :)
I'm not going in further detail because it could spoil the fun for someone else, but I just wanted to say this :)
06. Jun 2005
Yes you're right I overlooked one way to patch this god I'm stupid :) yea well I'll probably submit fixed version of
this crackme if I'll have some time to fix it. Thanks a lot code_inside
06. Jun 2005
I wish you would have paid as much attention to last string printing as you did for the intial string. That would have sure made it more intresting. The offending byte sems to stare at you face telling you : oh comeon just patch me . Btw i am still puzzled as to why the good job string dont have a line break like wrong message.
Any idea code_inside
06. Jun 2005
Hi Oorja-HalT,

I don't see a problem with both strings, they are both terminated with the $ character :)
There's also nothing wrong with the code which is printing the strings.
Or do you mean something else?
06. Jun 2005
I don't see the problem neither the good msg have "new line" chars (13,10) and yea I'll make it a little bit more interesting in next "version" of this lame crackme and I'll fix the "little" problem that code_inside point it out :)
06. Jun 2005
What i meant is the bad message starts in a new line
Whereas the good message continues in the same line .ie press any key to continue. Maybe this line doesnt have the termination chars.I think i will have any other look sometime
07. Jun 2005
Do I need to send you solution?
08. Jun 2005
DLAP: If you wish you can send me your solution on my email I would like to see if you figured out the easy way to patch it :)
10. Jun 2005
this crackme is updated there is no big difference just a little fix that code_inside point it out :)
12. Jun 2005
I solved it :) it wasn't very divicult, but i have to use much paper :)
13. Jun 2005
DLAP: I told you that it isn't hard :) paper is always useable when you crack apps :)

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