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NAME. . . . . . : CD Key Check
LANGUAGE. . . . : Visual Basic 6.0
COMPILER OPTIONS: Compile to Native Code, No Optimization
MADE BY . . . . : Mjinhew (username saitob)
PROTECTION. . . : Your job to find out

Bob has been working all day long and on the way home from work he bought himself
a nice software that he has been waiting for a while.
Glad and exited he runs home, turns on his computer, inserts the CD and runs the Setup.
The installation goes smoth and everything looks fine. He runs the program, but he gets
a prompt asking for a CD-Key, saying you'll find the CD Key on the back of your manual.

Well this is nothing unusual Bob thinks for himself while he looks on the back of his Manual.
But he can't find any serial or CD key. There is nothing there.
Frustrated, tierd and a bit angry, Bob decides to drive back to the store to get his money back.

So he goes out, gets into his car, only to discover that is left back wheel is flat.

Bob can feel that the anger is building up inside of him and that he must try out the new software
or else his whole day will be ruined.

As a last way out of this whole mess, Bob takes up his phone and calls his best friend, you. He
knows how skilled you are in cracking software and he beggs you to help him. And as the kind-hearted
person you are, you accept and decides to help Bob.

So now Bob's day lies in your hands and it's your job to help Bob out of this horrible situation.

- May the force be with you -


Make a keygen that will make as many serials Bob may want and a tutorial that will explain Bob
how you cracked the program. You see, Bob want's to learn things to.
And upload your solution to hxxp:// so that other may learn as much as Bob.
Then there is only one more thing left to do and that is to lean back, put your legs on your table
and smile, knowing that you have saved the day to your very best friend.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 07. Nov, 2007
Downloads: 946


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Solution by ORacLE_nJ, published 09. jun, 2010; download (87 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

10. Nov 2007
So how are things going?
Someone who has cracked it yet?
Black Anathema
15. Nov 2007
I'm attempting on this one... Don't expect too much because I'm still quite a noob :D
16. Nov 2007
I just patched it, much easier.
I'm satisfied with that :).
16. Nov 2007
@DigitalAcid: Why don't you try making a keygen. The algo is not that hard:P If you or anyone need hint's ect please send me a PM or mail right away.
16. Nov 2007
Its not harder IMHO... you just need to recognize some algos, if i'm not wrong there's some crc calculation... if you want i can write a keygen and probably a solution :P
16. Nov 2007
Your right HMX0101, there is a crc calculation.
It would be nice for a solution =)
17. Nov 2007
I just wanted to say that, if I met this in real life, i would simply patch it.
I'm not a programmer, so even if I found the algo I wouldn't be able to write a keygen.
18. Nov 2007
@DigitalAcid: Ok, I see... I did not make this crackme hard to pacth tho:P
Anyway, I'm glad you tried it out :D
24. Nov 2007
my solution doesnt work... mods can delete it. i'm embarassed :)
24. Nov 2007
actually it does but i need to fix it first, so don't approve the first one! haha
26. Nov 2007
Easy to patch with FFFF,
is the keygen is real?
this cd-key seems like do nothing with the key!
it just put it somewhere and maybe leave VB do something.
I need a solution!
26. Nov 2007
Yes the crackme is very easy to patch, becauce the point was never to patch it.

But there is a serial generating algorithm wich you need to keygen. The algo isn't that hard, and if you need hints, please mail me.

Anyway, hoping that someone will solve this one and submit a solution right away.
04. Dec 2007
Have you made a solution that woks? If so please submit it.
Come one guys, I really need a solution for this one! =)
04. Dec 2007
i never made a keygen.. just a way of getting valid serials for any name.. sorry to let you down saitob!
05. Dec 2007
keygenning it is easy after you know what's going on... btw, vb suxxx too much code just to make a stupid crc32 calculation =/
KoЯn Rulz
18. Dec 2007
pretty hard also i agree with HMX0101
14. Apr 2010
it is brutal combing through this native compiled vb code... this is old so i don't think anyone would mind me posting a valid key: 55556 55558 538B3 15122

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