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Name: Atra
Language: C/C++
Difficulty: 2-3 / 10

Your job is to make a keygen that will generate some random, valid serials.

Selfkeygen, pathing, etc is not allowed (Patching is not allowed only if it affects the algo).

This is my first crackme made in C++, I used MFC as a tool.

Please submit a tutorial if you compleate the crackme.

Best of Regards;

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 07. Jul, 2008
Downloads: 548


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Solution by HMX0101, published 08. jul, 2008; download (167 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

07. Jul 2008
Here is some valid serial numbers to ease your job:

5P1KQ - 6B8C5071
I7Q8B - A6936837
K2DV6 - 65F022B6
T30JP - 3CB1D729
9R4DQ - F879D53F
Q7JD0 - 5A4BB5CE
2PPT8 - D3A2B883
01TBT - 6E17C8F8
PV5R1 - 51773B57

If you're stuck / need some advice, please feel free to send me a PM or post a comment.

Happy Cracking! : )
08. Jul 2008
Omfg, what do i get if i get it? xD
08. Jul 2008
You'll get a big bear hug ;)

Btw, how is the progress going? Anyone breaked it?
08. Jul 2008
The routines are almost endless xD
It is very much work to do the second part.

I don't know if i do it later
08. Jul 2008
I've breaked... very very easy... i don't think its level 2, probably 1 :P...
08. Jul 2008
The mission is not to get a serial but to keygen it.
Getting a serial is very easy
08. Jul 2008
Lol... i didn't like to get serials ;)... I always go for a keygen if its possible.. so i'm talking about the keygen, not about sniffing a serial :PP
08. Jul 2008
Oki looking forward to your solution then
08. Jul 2008
I don't like to write solutions... :PP if nobody writes a tutorial this week, i'll write for sure :D
08. Jul 2008
I'll be wainting for that solution HMX0101 ;)
19. Aug 2015
i love you saitob. OMG! my homework is this :)
23. Aug 2015
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24. Aug 2015
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24. Aug 2015
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