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ReWrit's Crackme #9 .NET Noob Challenge

This crackme is dedicated to beginners
for .NET cracking. It has 5 parts:

Part 1: Serial Fishing
Part 2: Serial Fishing
Part 3: Keygening
Part 4: Serial Fishing and patching
Part 5: Keygening and patching

Do not patch so other parts are
open, you have to get the password
for every part to unlock the next
Dont patch the nag, you remove it
with the correct password.

Good luck =)

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 15. Jan, 2009
Downloads: 875


Votes: 7
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Solution by wibf, published 03. sep, 2009; download (53 kb), password: or browse.

wibf has not rated this crackme yet.

Solution by c0nr4id3r, published 02. mar, 2009; download (95 kb), password: or browse.

c0nr4id3r has rated this crackme as awesome.

The submission of solutions is closed.

Discussion and comments

15. Jan 2009
Really nice crackme for beginners, i think this one can help many newbies!
15. Jan 2009
I tried to keygen at part 3, but I always have the same result...0
You put i as 0 and you can't multiply by 0. I'm lost lol.
The So;X
16. Jan 2009
Happy new year to ya
16. Jan 2009
Part 3 can be done with easy copy 'n paste ;)
16. Jan 2009
Aw, now I'm stuck at part 4! I have the serial but I can't paste!! =(
19. Jan 2009
has anyone solved it yet? :)
22. Jan 2009
of course many people have solved it
just nobody write solutions :p
btw I don't have vs, it seemed strange .net's output differs from javascript's
01. Feb 2009
Well do you guys need a solution for it. Will upload one by evening.
The So;X
02. Feb 2009
did any one solve phaze 3 of the crackme coz i am really get f*** up by this one ..
error : can not able to conver string into value
03. Feb 2009
if anyone need a solution i can provide it..
have phun..
12. Feb 2009
Very good crackme. I think with this one we don't need more 1-level crackmes for .net :)
12. Feb 2009
glad you like it =)
13. Feb 2009
For beginners, best one.
I think it is not require to write a Tutroial, how to crack it... =D
28. Feb 2009
I've written one, and i already submitted it, sry for my bad english in the tut.
23. Aug 2009
hi this wibf , i submission ma solution for part 1 ,2,3,4,5
but the problem in part 4 and part 5 i must edit the code in textbox6 event because u didn`t give any of those constant chars to be writtten in the textbox6.text in runtime and i tried to edit using ollydbg but am faied do if u know programe that i cane edit exe created by dot net so send it and i will patch the exe by editing the textbox event delete it`s contetns so plz send name of programe edit exe created by dot net ; thx
30. Aug 2009
Read my solution, i mention the programms used in there. It's ildasm for decompiling the Exe and ilasm for compiling it. You can use the Freflexil-Addin for refelctor, too.
01. Sep 2009
I get an error when I try to run this crackme. It says something like "the application fail to initialize properly. Click Ok to terminate."

Did anyone experience the same issue? I am running a virtual XP machine.
02. Sep 2009
I think you dont have .net framework installed.
08. Sep 2009
thx c0nr4id3r for ur concern

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