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You need solve one of the next goals:
1. Patch code and disable sn checking
2. Create new valid sn
3. Create keygen

in file you can find list of valid sn for easy of your work :)
More info about EXECryptor you can find on

Difficulty: 8 - *VERY VERY* hard
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 10. Nov, 2004
Downloads: 3292


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Solution by kao, published 07. jul, 2005; download (587 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

21. Jun 2005
Looks very difficult. Nobody managed to crack it?
07. Jul 2005
Wow! Congratulations to kao! Nicely written tutorial too.
10. Aug 2005
Good work kao! Bug with serials fixed. Most other "holes" not actually in current version of EXECryptor.
You can write to me for getting some encouragement.
17. Mar 2006
Really a good work Kao! It was very difficult to reconstruct OEP morphed! ;-)
07. Jul 2008
nice work kao i open the kao
and see this
Access violation at address 77E768FD in module 'RPCRT4.dll'. Write of address 77E76915.

well maybe can add too
00441799 |. E8 0EFEFFFF CALL patched.004415AC

00441799 90 NOP
0044179A 90 NOP
0044179B 90 NOP
0044179C 90 NOP
0044179D 90 NOP

and mj wrong dissapair
because not nag present

i have see that was do many code analiced
my oep tracert is 44301C without reconstruct oep
and if are changed the EP to this direction is run too :) (un your unpacked)

nice oep morphed reconstructed
and nice tutorial

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