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[Crackme] RDG Simple Crackme .NET v5 2015


Try to get the correst serial for your user name

+include some anti debug code

level 5 of 10


Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 19. May, 2015
Downloads: 762


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Solution by josh, published 29. jul, 2015; download (62 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

05. Jun 2015
Still trying to understand few things, there is SOOO much code obfuscation, it really makes it difficult. This is my reversing log just in case any other person would like to know some stuff, if it ever helps.

QXUQKZ.pYXzSR() : Void //Has the current (Form1)
AYqGAp.ePDIfq() : Void //Has the Registered Form

ON pYXzSR():

Bunch of buttons, probably to prevent reversers to find the button that handles the serials and stuff!
Only 2 Textboxes, This is what we want!
Me.XgilGY(New TextBox)
Me.SDZPaZ(New TextBox)

QXUQKZ.mMAnma(): Routine checks if Serial is valid?

QXUQKZ.sKwmgz() : TextBox (Serial TextBox) and it's assigned by XgilGY(TextBox) : Void

This is so far what I have... it's 1:48 AM Need to take a rest :D

@RDG, Tell me how I'm doing.
05. Jun 2015
excellent! but not enough. this crackme is very easy to solve
05. Jun 2015
Ahah, thanks, :D I really see how easy it is for a professional like you, but I'm starting :D - Thanks for the compliment :D, also did you hard coded your obfuscation or you used a 3D party software? I'm really intrigued it is really amazing
06. Jun 2015
Con ese nick seguramente hables castellano. obfuscator made in Yo :p
06. Jun 2015
Lo hicistes tu? esta demaciado bueno jaja lo que si veo es que hay un patron de mutacion en los nombres de los modulos, por ejemplo:


Etc etc... jaja espero que entiendas lo que digo :D

Pero ya hast ahi llego, me rindo, quisas es mucho para mi, pero como quisiera ver que alguien suba alguna solucion para ver como lo logró!!! jajaja

Salu2s y hasta luego!

Nota: Quisiera tener tu cerebro! para poder hacer estas cosas! jaja
06. Jun 2015
Es tan simple que ni siquiera necesitas un debugger
06. Jun 2015
Como! jajaj que increible, en verdad que ya no se que hacer jaja, y ahora dices que se puede hacer sin mirar un debugger! jaja ya tengo el cerebro torcido! mejor se lo dejo a otro :D
06. Jun 2015
Only english please
08. Jun 2015
seems interesting, i have not downloaded it but i can give you a tip (i hope) why don't you try a .NET deobfuscator? for example DeSmart (which should be used for smart assembly)
it will rename everything for you in field1, field2...
which is much better than QXUQKZ
10. Jun 2015
I know, I've tried running a generic symbol renamer I found online, but I left the assemly corrupted :D

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