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Ok, it's my first crackme so do not expect too much.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 27. Oct, 2008
Downloads: 898


Votes: 4
Crackme is boring.

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Solution by MoUsE-WiZ, published 10. feb, 2009; download (8 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

27. Oct 2008
The algo is quite long.
Of course, it´s not "hard", but there is some work you must do to produce keygen i think. So maybe level 2 because of that?
27. Oct 2008
"long" = Total function is about 2.5 pages in olly (with default settings).
28. Oct 2008
I don't like long algos :P
28. Oct 2008
Nah, me neither, takes too long time :)

This algo is quite straight-forward, but I don´t think I want to make keygen anyway.

Of course, if you´re lazy (like me), you could just rip it, but i don´t think that goes under keygenning. :)
28. Oct 2008
Thank you Raziel for this crackme, it made me develop some tools that could be useful in the future. :)
18. Nov 2008
Is the difficulty of this crack-me that is doesnt show anything ? I didnt find anything of an algorithm and the crackme doesnt start. At OllyDbg i can see it sets an ExceptionHandling Routine and i think this is what it does calling an exception and exiting immedetialey. Am i wrong ?
Please explain. Thanks.
18. Nov 2008
I'm having the same problem as bendThis.

The DialogBoxParamA() call fails, returning -1. GetLastError() says nothing is wrong. The DlgProc gets called but ends up receiving a WM_NCDESTROY before anything is displayed.
18. Nov 2008
There is one call to IsDebuggerPresent, and the algo starts at 0040141e.
19. Nov 2008
Ok. When this is an crackme who checks if is a debugger present i would not categorize this as beginner or easy.
But thanks for the hint i try to find my way through it. I am really new to OllyDbg.
19. Nov 2008
@4018BE IsDebuggerPresent
returns 0, so it doesnt find any debugger like HELP says:
"If the current process is not running in the context of a debugger, the return value is zero."
And again. It doesnt start or shows anything when i start it right out of explorer. No debugger present at all. I dont use SoftICE.
Can someone please write a tutorial that i understand or can compare. Thanks.
19. Nov 2008
@4018E0 it should show a Dialog, its calling
DialogBoxParamA. But it doesnt at all.
So why ? Very strange and i am still believing this file
is corrupt.
19. Nov 2008
Both ways after @4018E0 are going to the Exit routine and end the program.
19. Nov 2008
I don´t understand. Nop:ing the jump after the call to IsDebuggerPresent did it for me anyway. Try downloading the file again maybe?
19. Nov 2008
I skip this file. Maybe i am a real real real noob. But i reversed some programs already and found a solution. Not here the crackmes. Some time ago. Now iam new in again. And restart all over. But this file ...... :-(
20. Nov 2008
bendThis: Reason is used compiler, not corrupt crackme.
Compiler must insert InitCommonControls call, when includes manifest resource, for correct work on all windows.
To "heal" the file just remove manifest resource (type 24) with any resource editor for exes.
20. Nov 2008
Second way of "healing" is add something from comctl32.dll to import (I just added InitCommonControlsEx).
I was wrong: call of InitCommonControls is not necessary. Importing comctl32.dll has great value.
21. Nov 2008, bendThis:
Simplest way of "healing" is changing two bytes (offset 21FC from begin of file) 1D 02 to 00 00. This is patching, but it is resource section patching, not code patching.

What kind of tools did you develop for this crackme?

I made keygen by copying text of generation procedure to asm file.
It is interesting that resulting dialogbox with message depends on clicking within text edit window.
For example:
Case 1: Start crackme. Enter (by hands, not copy-paste) name and correct password. Then click in name editbox. Then click Test. Got "You failed". Close crackme.
Case 2: Start crackme. Enter (by hands) name and correct password. Then click Test. Got "You succeeded".
22. Nov 2008
Oh, nothing special, just some WriteProcessMemory stuff.
I put a link to that, but it got deleted by moderators (I guess because it was pathing?).

I am not done with the final product yet though.
25. Jan 2009
sn= sub_4014fe (name,hdinfo)
27. Jan 2009
Hey guys, I have a question... =)

I´ve used ReadProcessMemory for some time now and used it to extract information and so, but now I´m thinking, is it possible to dump a (entire) process to disk?
27. Jan 2009
Do I have to be in another runlevel?
18. Feb 2009
hello bro!! em sorry to disturb u!!!
sorry em new here!!
i just patched it!! coz i dont know how to sniff serials!!
pls help us
21. Mar 2009
I could sniff a serial...? To sniff means to fish a serial? right?

Have a nice day.^^

Kind Regards.
21. Mar 2009
Yes, it is possible to dump an entire process to disk ,without that we would have a hard time defeating packers.
23. Mar 2009
yes, crackme is easy. but long, tooo long. and booored.

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