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Crackme created in C++, the second one so far. It is protected with name and serial. Take a look at the text file in the zip for further details.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 28. Oct, 2005
Downloads: 2020


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Solution by fjlj, published 03. nov, 2005; download (78 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by Ox87k, published 03. nov, 2005; download (451 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by D4ph1, published 03. nov, 2005; download (26 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

28. Oct 2005
name: Ox87k
serial: 4xJTGKVakv8E259a

very g00d job Raz0r, i don't submit keygen and tutorial because i've no time for this :( sorry... maybe a day ;)
30. Oct 2005
Nice work Raz0r.

Serial Sniffing was easy as pie, will try to work on the keygen now ;)
Serial: 8Ee2589SLv8E259a

PS: Seeing the above posted serial i think that the serial number is of the format "%sv8E259a" bcoz of the following as well :-
Name:- Testing
Serial:- 8e38FUTakv8E259a
30. Oct 2005
i'm not sure for string "%sv8E259a" but maybe for string "%s8E259a"

name: asjdoighau
serial: 8s47JQThkB8E259a

and if the name have len = 15 and some letters and numbers the string doesn't exist in serial.

name: 314eahr8y0755ay
serial: f1E88Pe852ILR5G
01. Nov 2005
Keygen ready, PM send to Raz0r ;)
01. Nov 2005
ok, also my keygen is ready! I must write a little tutorial and after i'll send my solution...

Thanks Raz0r and g00d job TELOPHASE ;)
01. Nov 2005
I am really busy so i cant write a tutorial :( and hence cannot submit a soln. :((

PS: I also solved logan's CrackmeV5 :D

Made a keygen too! But no time for tutorial :(
01. Nov 2005
eheh, try to submit ur kgn, maybe the moderators publicate it (sorry for english! ghghgh)
02. Nov 2005
I submit a tutorial with a keygen :)
03. Nov 2005
serial:Lt07BUYakv8E259 ( Lt07BUYakv8E259*)

the sn longer than correct sn is also correct.
07. Nov 2005
yea i took a different approach to try to teach a few things i recomend everyone check out how i made my keygen
08. Nov 2005
good job to all of you!
10. Mar 2006
I made a patch, so that the program accepts every serial you enter, you can find the patch at:


I'm working on a keygen, I'm trying to understand the algorithm
11. Jul 2006
I made a patch too :)
26. Nov 2007
This may help me with my homework assignment. Thanks.

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