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Here's my second crackme, this time developed in .NET. I hope you'll find it interesting. Those are the rules:

1. Please, no patching
2. Find a valid serial
3. Write a keygen
4. Have fun!

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 09. Apr, 2008
Downloads: 620


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Solution by MACH4, published 17. apr, 2008; download (928 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

09. Apr 2008
A very simple crackme, maybe not even a lvl 2 :-O
I made a keygen in 2 mins max.

A valid serial for the name 'Mjinhew' would be something like:
5430-156-377-61*-**** (Hope I'm not breaking any rules now, if I am, please delete asap)
09. Apr 2008
Yeah that was pretty simple. I'd say lvl 1. Did mine in about 10 mins.
10. Apr 2008
Ok, i'm sorry to have overstimated my CM.
Anyway, i hope you had fun ;-)

@saitob: serial is not only related to the inserted username.
10. Apr 2008
I dont get it....... Its so much files spread out! I cant find were it calculates the serial.
13. Apr 2008
Thanks for this Crackme which even I could solve :)
22. Apr 2008
@Brook: good to hear that, i'm glad you found my CM useful :-)

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