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Hello everybody,

Here's a new challenge from me.
No obfuscation tricks this time, though code is a bit virtualized.
The algo inside vm, is more harder, than vm itself.

so the rules are.
1)No patching
2)No any sort of bruteforcing
3)Keygen only

enjoy! :)

btw, this crackme is tested only on WinXP SP2, but i guess it should work fine for any WinX system

Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 21. Feb, 2011
Downloads: 512


Votes: 6
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Solution by gim913, published 23. mar, 2011; download (82 kb), password: or browse.

gim913 has rated this crackme as quite nice.

Solution by Vallani, published 04. mar, 2011; download (756 kb), password: or browse.

Vallani has rated this crackme as awesome.

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Discussion and comments

24. Feb 2011
love it "The algo inside vm, is more harder, than vm itself" x)
24. Feb 2011
it seems a long road algo :)
24. Feb 2011
algo isn't that long, but it would take a while to reverse it :)
24. Feb 2011
tell me about it :p
25. Feb 2011
lmao :p Tell him bro ! hehe
28. Feb 2011
Vallani: 22A7D60FB3C02E6E
Thank you for this KeyGenMe qpt^J! I really enjoyed reversing it. Hope I find tomorrow(which means today afternoon :) ) or tuesday some time to write a solution.
28. Feb 2011
nice work, Vallani :)
looks like i knew that you'll do it :P
and looking forward for solution :)
28. Feb 2011
Hey C00L work there :)
I am in exams atm & hence cant do anything.
Can you make a detailed tut about VM, coz I've never work'd on VMs' & would love to learn about it :)

& qpt^J : I am really missing chatting with ya :P

Best Regards
28. Feb 2011
ouh good work val looking for a solution :p
02. Mar 2011
This is a fun crackme. Perfect place to use tracing functionality of olly ;)
05. Mar 2011
I've just noticed I got a bit late, but I've sent it anyway
06. Mar 2011
qpt^J, thanks for this nice crackme, and Vallani - thanks for detailed solution ^^
I learned a lot from it! Good job, guys!
15. Mar 2011
nice keygenme, very learnable
thanks qpt^J
16. Mar 2011
Awesome one, keep it on qpt^J ;)
23. Apr 2012
download learning,thank qpt^J!

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