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KeyGenMe is for CrypToKeyGeNeRs and/or CrypToLoVeRs

No Patching,No BruteForcing
For Newbies lvl(3/10): Find a valid keys 4 your name
For Normal crackers lvl(4/10): Write a keygen 4 only 1 Activation key
For Professionals lvl(5/10): Make a Full working Keygen (with random values generation)
Full working Keygen is preferred :P

I hope you enjoy it :p
Happy keygening & thanks for attention

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 25. Nov, 2009
Downloads: 768


Votes: 5
Crackme is nothing special.

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Solution by Diabolito, published 11. nov, 2010; download (151 kb), password: or browse.

Diabolito has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

25. Nov 2009
Need help :)
if ActivHash=MyActivHash and AuthHash=MyAuthHash then Goodboy;
But some problems:)
Is 93C64631289064F9 static hash?
25. Nov 2009
AuthHash of 111 =

ActivHash of 111 =

Damn :D
25. Nov 2009
in keygenme:
00408976 . 68 24004100 PUSH OFFSET <SHA1Digest>
0040897B . 6A 14 PUSH 14
0040897D . E8 0AF6FFFF CALL <HAVALInit>

in sources HAVAL:
HavalInit proc uses esi edi DigestSizeBits:dword,Passes:dword
mov eax,Passes
mov edx,DigestSizeBits
mov HavalPASS,eax
HavalFinal proc uses esi edi ebx
mov eax,HavalSIZE
shl eax,6
mov edx,HavalPASS
shl edx,3
or eax,HavalVERSION
or eax,edx <-- or ..., address of SHA1Digest
you init HavalPASS by the address of SHA1Digest, and for wrote correct keygen address of SHA1Digest must be equal your address
26. Nov 2009
93C64631289064F9 is just a constant for initialazing that SomeAlgo's :p

use SHA1Digest address like a constant and change some things in haval for right generation
26. Nov 2009
I did so, it remains _BigPowMod, and I've seen him somewhere with the same constants ;)
29. Nov 2009
Guys, sorry, i am just a beginner, and i am happy that i found this:

00408A82: 75 -> 90 (offset 7E82h)
00408A83: 14 -> 90 (offset 7E83h)
20. Jan 2010
I Have this
??? Key:Blodyalbo
Activation Key:????
0012FB04 0040FF30 |Arg1 = 0040FF30 ASCII "2EB372D0845E967B"
0012FB04 0040FED0 |Arg1 = 0040FED0 ASCII "D0270A10E8D350FE"
0012FB04 0040FB6C |Arg1 = 0040FB6C ASCII "E004CE9646CAC41E"
Can one tell me if the serial number are correct ???
17. May 2010
All solved.
Pretty fun, though a bit tedious to implement =).

Name: hound
Authorisation Key: al2KwFZBAXE=
Activation Key: DerE/AAc+ew=

Authorisation Key: 1u9/Z+ndZ2s=
Activation Key: lAvs1DPWLNs=

Will write up a solution =).

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