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Name: qHF's Unique Code CrackMe
Difficulty: 1 Easy, for Newbies
Language: C++
Author: qHF

Make a keygen for this unique crackme.
You are allowed to display the "key" as
a string of 1's and 0's (1 = checked,
0 = unchecked).

Example (working key):

No Patching.
Write a solution or a tutorial if you like
it a lot and have some spare time on your

by qHF

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 16. Nov, 2009
Downloads: 1032


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(we have only 1).

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Solution by [xorolc], published 13. jan, 2010; download (277 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

23. Nov 2009
Interesting keygenme :)
23. Nov 2009
Please do not just post your keys. A lot of replies here have been removed because people have been just posting their keys.

The goal of this crackme is to write a keygen.

You may comment about this crackme, hints, discuss the checking routine, etc. Looks like no one here that are commenting are getting close to the routine.
24. Nov 2009
True, because in the case of this keygenme, serial fishing is a lot easier than keygening.
25. Nov 2009
>serial fishing is a lot easier than keygening.
yep :D
Keygenme = Keygen.
Just look in EAX Register and copy key, There's a whole Keygen
26. Nov 2009
Yes, you can also push the string and jump to a messagebox, but that isn't the point.

Look at the routine, discuss the routine here, not just "how to find the key just for lolz".

Analyze the checking routine, if you get stuck, post your comments here, otherwise figure it out and write keygen then upload your solution for everyone else to learn how it works.

The point is to see how the crackme works, not where it stores your key.
28. Nov 2009
-_- The point is to see how the crackme works, not where it stores your key.
The point is to get serial :)
qpt^J: KeyGenMe 3 - here it realized better :)
DeFiNe No HerOz
15. Jan 2010
very fun crack me !

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