downloadbrowseqHF;'s ASM is fun

Download, 1 kb (password:
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Acceptable Solutions:
Serial Fisher (the program gets the serial out of the crackme)

Non Acceptable Solutions:
Just serial fishing your own serial
Anything else not in the list of acceptable solutions

Shouldn't be too hard at all...
my first program in assembly :P
Source on request
sorry if my coding is sloppy :)

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 26. Jan, 2010
Downloads: 1600


Votes: 3
Crackme is nothing special.

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Solution by DjH2oo7, published 29. jan, 2010; download (78 kb), password: or browse.

DjH2oo7 has rated this crackme as nothing special.

The submission of solutions is closed.

Discussion and comments

27. Jan 2010
Keygen has been uploaded :>
27. Jan 2010
keygen uploaded

great test for a beginner
27. Jan 2010
good job for writing the keygens.

now I want to see other acceptable solutions :)
28. Jan 2010
well, i phished the key easily, lets see if i can make a keygen...
28. Jan 2010
Yes, my newbie crackmes tend to be particularly easy to serial fish which is why I have to put "no just serial fishing your own serial" in the list of non-acceptable solutions.
This should be pretty easy but you can message me if you get stuck on the routine.
29. Jan 2010
Keygen upload.
I don't know if it's a valid Keygen.
29. Jan 2010
four submissions, but only DjH2oo7 read the rules (tutorial + keygen + src required)
30. Jan 2010
nice crackme :D my keygen:
(because of: "The submission of solutions is closed." :( )
05. Feb 2010
quit simple, but nice ;)
19. Apr 2010
DjH2oo7's Keygen has a Virus! Don't touch it!
23. Apr 2010
when key is valid, eax is not poped and stack damaged. ))
10. Jun 2010
good job, i solved this in 5 minutes, but was so fun and my first one
09. Mar 2011
Thanks for your keygen qHF. I like your work! I've solved your Full PatchMe as well. You make excellent exercises for those just starting out. Anyhow, I made the program self keygenning for fun then I decided to make a keygen ;) Looking forward to solving your other cracks as well.
30. Apr 2012
Nice crackme.
cracked it in 2 minutes.
07. May 2012
i'got it,because long time use :(
04. Aug 2013
Very good for Beginners, nice one ;-)
17. Oct 2014
Nice crackme, interesting for newbies like me :)
I did a keygen:
I'm in love with Python very good languague to create keygens<3
03. Apr 2015
This was my first crackme and i made it!
04. Jul 2015
Did you notice that you don't exit your program correctly ?
Also even though this is flagged as assembly your using functions from the C Library - not that there's anything wrong with that however you should stay away from gets.

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