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TinyAsm by Promix17
Level of dufficulty: 0

I've recently found my first crackme which was
written in asm. A lot of memories have came...

The purpose is to find correct password

Good luck)))

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 19. Sep, 2012
Downloads: 1175


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Crackme is quite nice.

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Solution by morecode, published 06. oct, 2012; download (203 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by syspher, published 02. oct, 2012; download (4 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by ARCHANGEL, published 02. oct, 2012; download (38 kb), password: or browse.

ARCHANGEL has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

19. Sep 2012
Nice Crackme,
19. Sep 2012
Got the key, will submit the tutorial by tomorrow. :)
25. Sep 2012
I got the correct key, But in olly, it take me to wrong path.. Dont understnd why.... I am a newbies.
25. Sep 2012
thats because of the anti-debugging code
if you run it without a debugger than the key works fine :)

nicely written code, thx

01. Oct 2012
Nice crackme !
I submitted my solution.
03. Oct 2012
why cant i open this program in olydbg?
it terminates
06. Oct 2012
@Brentbmwh: do you know anything about IsDebuggerPresent API or anti-debugging? when you find out, you'll have your answer.
11. Nov 2012
It's really nice to play with this crackme :)

After reversing code I had only one undecided question: is there a trick to check code integrity?

.text:0040134A checkCodeIntegrity: ; CODE XREF: sub_401126+18Aj
.text:0040134A ; DATA XREF: sub_401126+233o
.text:0040134A nop
.text:0040134B nop
.text:0040134C nop
.text:0040134D nop
.text:0040134E nop
.text:0040134F mov edi, offset loc_40127E
.text:00401354 mov ebx, 5DAAFCF2h
.text:00401359 mov ecx, offset checkCodeIntegrity
.text:0040135E sub ecx, offset loc_40127E
.text:00401364 loc_401364: ; CODE XREF: sub_401126+247j
.text:00401364 mov eax, [edi]
.text:00401366 xor eax, ebx
.text:00401368 shl ebx, 1
.text:0040136A xor ebx, eax
.text:0040136C inc edi
.text:0040136D loop loc_401364
.text:0040136F sub eax, dword_403009
.text:00401375 jz loc_4012B5
.text:0040137B jmp short badKeyDetected
29. Nov 2012
Beginner-friendly crackme. Thank you :)
15. Jan 2013
Nice crackme. I just solved it, that one was realy fun! Thanks.
07. Jul 2013
nice crackme :D
03. Aug 2013
My first CrackMe and solved it
Nice one ;-)
05. Aug 2013
pretty good crackme ;D particularly for newbie
15. Sep 2013
@sa2304 I'm there too... and I think that it has nothing to do with code integrity, because it just loads numbers, not contents of addresses...
15. Sep 2013
@sa2304 i'm retarded... it does, forget that, but yes, it has something to do with integrity, but on memory...
13. Jul 2015
Nice crackme, thanks! And thanks to ARCHANGEL for the explanation behind the code integrity check.
18. Sep 2015
i saw it and i want to do it, too. i like it yammy yes.

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