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Primitive Math v1.0
Written by Promix17

Level of dufficulty: 4/10

I think it's the most difficult crackme I've ever done. The goal is to write a
valid keygen. The crackme is really solvable, but it may take a lot of time to
fully understand a protection code. However, programming the keygen isn't easy
enougth, too. Hope that the idea of this crackme will be interesting for you.

Don't give up!

Good luck)))

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 27. Jul, 2012
Downloads: 441


Votes: 4
Crackme is nothing special.

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Solution by Dcoder, published 23. aug, 2012; download (925 kb), password: or browse.

Dcoder has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

27. Jul 2012
I'm still a beginner, but nobody got anywhere by just reading others solutions :p

Here goes the next week, cheers!
28. Jul 2012
Ahh fuck, I have to get around debug checking! :/
30. Jul 2012
My Firewall Blocks it!
13. Aug 2012
Got arount debug checking (he proof the windows name in a thread OllyDBG Ida...) now I am in the continously reading and evaluating input loop, Hmm looks like a math puzzle so far
15. Aug 2012
Anybody has ideas?
23. Aug 2012
I've started to debug it today , seems you used some antidebug routines + nanomites which prevents olly or other debuggers to debug it :p
13. Oct 2014
Dcoder awesome like always.

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