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Console Infinity 1.0
Written by Promix17

Level of dufficulty: 2~3

Simple rules: find the right password for this programm and register it :-)
If you find code, send me your solution. Can't do it??? Then you can buy the
registration code for only 19.99$! Hope that it will be interesting for you!

Send me your responses, comments and offers.


Note: Patches aren't allowed!!!

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 03. Jan, 2011
Downloads: 482


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Solution by Vallani, published 14. jan, 2011; download (200 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

03. Jan 2011
I have alittle question..., it is packed??
03. Jan 2011
indeed, but not a big problem. you can reach main routine easily.
03. Jan 2011
@zaabz: then don't post anything
03. Jan 2011
The password should be such kind:Password!*****Hacker!*********Infinity!***!
I can not find other part of a code :(
03. Jan 2011
Yes, it has been packed by my sipmle packer a lot of times))) But I know that is won't be a big ploblem to unpack this programm.
04. Jan 2011
Can anybody crack this programm?
07. Jan 2011
I will try, and i got the algorithm, but i can't reverse it and so i have to use bruteforce. But 14 000 000 000 000 000 000 years is a bit to long time for waiting ^^
I will try another way
08. Jan 2011
But I think that bruteforce shouldn't be so long)))
08. Jan 2011
I can't see a way to reverse it, too. So I've build a program to brute force it but it takes too much time with an alphabet consisting of higher and lower case letters+'!'. If you also don't know a solution, please specify the alphabet, to reduce calculating effort.
09. Jan 2011
But you shouldn't brute all conbinations, you should find only suitable. So you have to try over N combinations to find suitable password. N less that INT32, that is evident.
09. Jan 2011
Valid keys are without space ;p
10. Jan 2011
CoLinS: please submit a proper solution instead of linking to other sites
10. Jan 2011
I have no idea.
Here are 19.99$, give me the pass ^^
10. Jan 2011
the_man_with_the_plan: Now write a tutorial, please!!! Congratulaions!!! How long did it take?
20. Feb 2011
some friend was write a solution, doing a xploit, really buffer overflow and changing to see the good value..
here is in spanish:

greetings Apuromafo
@mod this post is for say that are other type of solution. ;)

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