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This is my second CrackMe written in C++
I made it a bit harder, so its not as easy as the first one.
I also took more time for that, as for the first one.

*No patching
*Make a KeyGen
*Upload a solution + tutorial

*Serial's are only numbers.

Happy Cracking.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 28. Jun, 2009
Downloads: 1317


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Solution by Dicrypt, published 31. aug, 2009; download (590 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by KernelJ, published 23. jun, 2009; download (132 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

Ganoes Paran
16. Jun 2009
found some errors on my side me thinks

if serial is > 10 chars, it skips master serial and says you put in the bad serial and bad master serial

and if you put in the correct serial, it skips master serial and says you put in the bad serial and bad master serial

here's what i have for me:

user : ganoes
serial : 3119803239 (B9F46B67h)
master : 3120785392 (BA0367F0h)

serial and master are both correct, but if you enter it in the program, it "drops" through a hole and gives you a bad boy when it's suppose to drop to the good boy

want to check it? open program in oll, go right before the CMP EAX, dword ptr ss:[ebp+38 (something like that) and change it to the corresponding serial (aka, Mov Eax,B9F46B67 - for the serial part)

as you step through the program it'll act fine, no problem at all giving you good boy message but if you run the program normally and put it in via console window, it kinda "crashes" the program, making it skip master serial and give bad boy

bad bad bug =P

using windows xp over here
17. Jun 2009
ok i checked it and it rly does this bug =(, i'll try to fix it, and upload a new version as soon as i removed the bug.
Thx for reporting this bug.
17. Jun 2009
It's difficultier than i thought.
It may take a while till i get round this.
Ganoes Paran
17. Jun 2009
my suggestion is to rebuild it from scratch if it does not work for you when you tried to fix it..
17. Jun 2009
I wondered about this. This seemed to be written very strange.
19. Jun 2009
Ok this is the Updated Version now.
Ganoes Paran
20. Jun 2009
nope still broken.

user: pride
pass: 3119803208

it should work but instead of putting EAX to "3119803208d" and comparing it to the computed serial (which would be "3119803208d") it instead puts FFFFFFFFFFFF as EAX and compares it to "3119803208d" and then it says serial is wrong and skips master serial again lol...

I'm serious that this thing is a bit too buggy

i mean look at line 004014CD. it compares EAX (user input serial) to the calculated serial

calculated serial for pride = B9F46B48 (3119803208d) and when you entered 3119803208d as your serial, instead of having B9F46B48 as EAX to compare to the calculated serial (which is also B9F46B48 ), you get FFFFFFFFF which messes up the program...

maybe its the worng serial i dunno, but still...
21. Jun 2009
It's not broken, you have the wrong serial. Think how B9F46B48 would normally be interpreted in HLLs! It's nothing complicated, you'll get it I'm sure.
02. Jul 2009
ok it works now.
01. Aug 2009
good job. this is me first time to crack
01. Aug 2009
hehe ! nice crackme who is Lord Blix?
31. Aug 2009
Submitted a detailed solution. :D

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