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This crack_me has been created by me using
Its designed by keeping in mind that ppl who are learning to crack(like me) gets their hands little dirty with this.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 02. Apr, 2009
Downloads: 770


Votes: 3
Crackme is boring crap.

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Discussion and comments

02. Apr 2009
@ Author

No Read-me !?!
No Rules !?!
03. Apr 2009
i am just a newbie to this.
The Rules are.--> Reflectors are not to be used.
--> The source code shouldnot be tampered inorder to get a valid serial.
--> A keygen must be the solution.
--> No cracked .exe will be accepted.
03. Apr 2009
Any1 been able to get through this???
plz post a soln..
A keygen & a detailed tut..
16. Sep 2009
I am also just a newbe.
It looks like the serial should be "true"
Right before the app should show the text "registered", it converts the textbox.container to a string, and then converts the text to a boolean. Should not this software test the contents of the textbox container, and not the container itself? Maybe i am off the track, as I do not understand the output from ildasm wery well...
15. Dec 2009
crazy keygenme with randomizer
10. Jul 2010
I have no reason why someone should not use
Reflectors ??
30. Jul 2012
It doesn´t go because the Me.TextBox1.Container is Nothing !
25. Jul 2013
How could we match a lenght of the serial number of a random lenght?

VBMath.Rnd * 20.0!

07. Aug 2014
Maybe it's a new style of serial validation, but I think my understanding of MSIL is well enough to see that this...

callvirt instance class TextBox .this::get_TextBox1()
callvirt instance class IContainer Component::get_Container()
callvirt instance string object::ToString()
call bool Conversions::ToBoolean(string)
brfalse.s IL_01d6

... is no proper way of checking a TextBox's text.
07. Aug 2014
Are we allowed to crack this application instead of making a keygen?

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