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This keygen me has a polymorphic nature.
There are several loops that searches for the valid serial & thn check it with the user given serial.
There are some restricyions aswell which are as follows -:
1> Use of Reflectors is Prohibited.
2> Only OllyDBG or SoftIce or DASM is allowed to be used.
3> The solution must be a keygen + algorithm.
4> The source code of the Keygen me is not to be tampered inorder to get a valid key.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 06. Apr, 2009
Downloads: 304


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Discussion and comments

06. Apr 2009
I think it's not good idea to prohibit using of reflector. Anyway anyone will use it. Better to write crackme in c++ or other not .net language, if you do not want show your code. Or you can use obfuscation or/and crypto.
06. Apr 2009
Are we supposed to patch the *nag* ? ;)
[[ It's annoying. ]]

06. Apr 2009
Is something wrong ??

Olly 1.10 shows CLR Error and crashes !!
Olly 2.0b creates 8 threads (takes long time) and then exits !!

The exe uses ~22 MB RAM !!!!!!
06. Apr 2009
Indomit: +1. Maybe it is possible to fix a clock using only a sledgehammer but I'd rather use screwdriver and magnifying glass.

T.0.R.N.A.D.0.: "Born 2 C0DE" does not mean "Born to reverse".. :) It works perfectly under Olly 1.10 and .NET 2.0. Try to use Olly without any patches and plugins.
06. Apr 2009

But, I repeat, I cannot open it in Olly. I could disassemble it in W32DASM though.

OFF-TOPIC :: Of course Born 2 C0DE does not mean Born 2 Reverse. I NEVER CLAIMED THAT. Please comment ONLY on the concerned KeygenMes.
07. Apr 2009
well, you need a debugger that decompiles to CIL. Seems silly to me to keep users from using reflector. it's a great tool for revercing .net. in fact, i wouldn't even try.

try searching for info about managed .net and CLI
07. Apr 2009
*search for CIL, not CLI
07. Apr 2009
reflectors are gr8 for reversing the net crackmes.
but had i created it in C++ u wudn't have used a relector!.
Keygenning is task that requires brain & skill.
But reflectors makes it a mechanical task.
So , plz I wud like ppl o acknowledge the rules & proceed complying with it.
07. Apr 2009
What you ppl are suposed to do is find the nad serial & name & see which it gets compared to & calculate the right serial .
1ce u know the right serial & name u can easily cr8 a keygen.
Use of W32DASM is allowed..
Plz proceed T.O.R.N.A.D.O
07. Apr 2009
Okay, so you used VC++, then it used the C++/CLI compiler which still compiles to CIL. It is still managed code. People still need deal with a JIT.

OllyDBG and W32DASM is made for debugging 32bit assembly (Microsoft may call their IL “assembly,” but it is not). You might as well tell them they can only use notepad. And I thought SoftIce was a dead project.

You can't hand someone some broken electronics and tell them to only fix it using only a shovel. I don't make since.
07. Apr 2009
"Keygenning is task that requires brain & skill"

I agree. I don't like using Reflector. However, it is the correct tool to use here.

Next time use MFC. Or standard C/C++ or some other language that compiles to unmanaged code.

Sorry, but I don't think anyone is going to try to figure out what parts of the executing program is the JIT compiling to machine code and what parts are the machine code that was previously compiled by the JIT.

Just lift the rules, let someone solve it. Then next time. Make a bad ass crackme that is unmanaged.
08. Apr 2009
Ok.. When every body wants to use a reflector.
the use it.
But the soutce code must not be tampered with to get a valid serial.
The serial should be for the original keygen me..No patching is allowed.

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