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Program: Crackme0x1.exe
Created by: Pickled
Operating System: DOS
Language: C/C++, MS VS 2005
Date: 08/10/2006

Level: Beginner


This is my first crackme, was good fun making it.

I hope it's not too hard for you ;)

No bypassing, I wan't to see a valid solution please!

Good Luck and thank you for trying!

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 09. Oct, 2006
Downloads: 1665


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Solution by polizei, published 02. mar, 2007; download (2 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by pwn, published 01. feb, 2007; download (1 kb), password: or browse.

pwn has not rated this crackme yet.

Solution by ghostz, published 15. oct, 2006; download (6 kb), password: or browse.

ghostz has not rated this crackme yet.

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Discussion and comments

09. Oct 2006
DOS? huh?
MSVCP80.DLL not found huh?
09. Oct 2006
Working perfectly under Windows XP Sp2
Solved :) Nice Password !!
Thanks ;)
09. Oct 2006
now write your second solution ghostz

i think you become better every day (keep working dude)
09. Oct 2006
Thank you ! BakaE ;)
I try to write solution !
09. Oct 2006
geeko : install the latest .NET framework to run it. If you have this problem, I guess the crackme has been compiled with MSVC 2005 and linked with the VC runtime DLL.
10. Oct 2006
Yes ! I have .NET framework installed.
10. Oct 2006
I wont install anything just for this crackme. He said: Platform: DOS
He didn't mention we need XPsp2 and .NET
10. Oct 2006
Thanks for pointing that out jB!

Geeko: jB is trying to be helpful, no need to be a prick about it.

Nobody is perfect and nobody is forcing you to do anything.
10. Oct 2006
geeko just wanted to be precise, because your description of your Crackme is just plain wrong.

Platform: DOS
Platform: Windows

And everybody is happy. :)
11. Oct 2006
Thanks, Deep. and add olso: u need .NET

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