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This is my first crackme ever, and I think it's not too easy.
It has some homemade crypto/hashing stuff and a few other small surprises. :-)

A working keygen would be very nice. (selfkeygen shouln't be possible)
Crackme was tested on Win2k & WinXP, 9x is not supported.

Have Fun...

contact: phewled[0x40]

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows 2000/XP only
Language: C/C++

Published: 13. Mar, 2006
Downloads: 212


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Discussion and comments

13. Mar 2006
what's the problem with this target ?
I can't see it in my process list
I can't attach in olly
If I load in olly, it's terminated

13. Mar 2006
terminated but..
have u a msgbox that tell u "something went wrong"?

there are some check anti-debug ;)
13. Mar 2006
what a nice crackme, really kewl crackme...
13. Mar 2006
thx deroko. did you solve it and are you going to write a solution?
14. Mar 2006
well still working on serial algo, found that kewl trick to generate always false serial if crackme isn't run from "certain" location, found relations between hashing procs but still it will take a while to find right key.
14. Mar 2006
really nice crackme! :)
15. Mar 2006
This crackme is really fun!
So far I was able to run it unpacked (a little header-patching was required), but still not within a debugger (at least not in Olly). I reversed your crypting-algo and coded a little prog that crypts and decrypts strings. But thats all useless if i can´t make my way to the serialalgo. Is it possible to attach with SI? If so, I´d consider installing it.
17. Mar 2006
you dont need SI, olly will do. i got all the thing unpacked and patched, runs nicely under olly but all my serials are correct :D. very nice
27. Mar 2006
Hi all,
Is someone still working on a solution to solve this one ?
I think i don't have the level required yet, but i'll be really interrested in a working solution to follow :)

I have unpacked it, and i'm able to lauch it in olly, only if i manually change a value, to decrypt correctly library names.

Next, i've found is that it executes himself in my olly memory space by invoking CreateRemoteThread. And here i'm stuck...

Does someone could give me a little hint, or some good reading, to continue my analysis ?

27. Mar 2006
Do not debug it with OllyDbg, run it from explorer.exe, use OllyDbg to attach to explorer.exe, break on new thread.
27. Mar 2006
thanx for the hint TQN.

But first, i have to find a way to patch correctly the header (or unpack correctly) my unpacked crackme.

coz' at the moment i'm just able to launch it in olly (unpacked of course) by changing the value of ESI just before the first decryption of lib. names.
20. Apr 2006
where are the solutions? :)

hint: it always creates a remote-thread in the parent process, the parent-process must be "explorer.exe", otherwise it calculates random crap.
22. Apr 2006
aaaarrrrgh, I guess this is the point I missed.
I turned the crackme into a "standalone"-program, so no explorer.exe needed anymore. I was not smart enough to see, the crackme needs explorer.exe to calculate right.
Thanks for the hint. I will start again with this beautiful crackme.

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