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A Name-Serial-Activation Crackme with up to 3 Easter Eggs. Read the Readme.txt file included in the crackme archive.
Have fun solving this crackme!!!"

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 22. May, 2005
Downloads: 949


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Solution by haggar, published 27. may, 2005; download (71 kb), password: or browse.

haggar has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

24. May 2005
This CrackMe occasionally crashes on my system :/
I'm running Win2K SP4.
I haven't figured out exactly why this happens but i think because the CrackMe doesn't preserve certain registers in the window loop...

It crashes in the About and Register window...
Anyone else also experiences this?
24. May 2005
Don't know. On my xp pro sp1 it runs normaly without problems. Also I tried it on my systers old machine with win98 and there I didn't have problems too.

Btw, author sad that we have make keygen for both .exe's, but both files are completley the same with same algo!?! What's point of sending two indentical files with different names?
24. May 2005
Obviously the two .exe files use the same algo!
About the crashes, i developed this crackme under WinXP SP1 and no crashes occurred during the execution or while debugging. I'm sorry for that, mate! :(
24. May 2005
Hmm, but why sending two identical files :-0?

But crackme was nice. Little confused me serial number algo, I thought that I had to brute it, but while eating my dinner idea/solution fall on my mind ;-)
25. May 2005
Hmm, very strange why it's crashing here...
I will look more closely at it to find out why it crashes :)
25. May 2005
Yes, just like I thought.
It crashes on my system (In both CrackMe's window cases) because the EBX register isn't restored...
But why does this happen on my system only? :D
25. May 2005
Hi Phoenix !
I found 3 EA. Text moving direction, transparent (region) window, and ball fall loop forever. Is it correct ?
26. May 2005
yeah. that's right
31. May 2005
Well, haggar's solution in quite good, but i'd like to mention that the exe files are identical in the algo, but different in one point. You have to find that point and understand what it is. In addition, there's a third easter egg which nobody described how to find it...

P.S.: some functions may seem meaningless, but they have a proper feature. I thank you all if you can also describe their meaning.
05. Jun 2005
The third easter egg is: Help menu - About - About Dialog showed - type via keyboard: phoe

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