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:::::::::::::::::Obnoxious's KeygenMe #1:::::::::::::::::

Well, i had been thinking of writing a keygenme for a long time n finally this is what i have to offer. i dd not hear any chiptunes in any of the .net crackmes, so i decided to put some music into mine. hope u guys like it.

Difficulty You Decide!

No patching.
No Bruteforcing.
Write a tut if u crack it!
For newbies its ok if u dont make a keygen!
But the bigGuns like MACH4,Jim~,costy,digital acid n the others should make a keygen.

Happy cracking
Thanks to all at

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 27. May, 2008
Downloads: 472


Votes: 4
Crackme is quite bad.

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Solution by fawad, published 22. jun, 2008; download (154 kb), password: or browse.

fawad has rated this crackme as nothing special.

Solution by SubmiN|KinG, published 31. may, 2008; download (223 kb), password: or browse.

SubmiN|KinG has rated this crackme as boring crap.

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Discussion and comments

27. May 2008
Difficaulty cannot be any higher than 1, this one is too easy to be a 2.
27. May 2008
i kno. but its aimed at the noobs so i guess its that hard atleast for them ;)
27. May 2008
@SubmiN|KinG can u make a keygen without using the info file that i deliberately put?..........if yes plz let me kno
27. May 2008
Hi obnoxious

I liked the ideas in your crackme, but it was really too easy lol :-)

Ive been trying to get .wav files to play from the .exe's resource in VB 2005 for a long time, but to no evail.
Did you extract it to some temp directory then play it?

Could you or anyone else tell me how you did it,

Thanks in advance,
27. May 2008
I'm a bigGun? I'm honored.

Interesting keygen, but not hard. I like the hidden string. I'll submit a solution later if no one else has ;P

w02057, why not take a look at his code in reflector using VB formatting? :X
28. May 2008
@obnoxious: no, u cant keygen ur keygenme without using the file ur kgme creates at startup....
28. May 2008
he he i kno so i had deliberately put the info file. but theres another way of retriving the hash code. keep looking n u sd find it. let me kno if u find it. a bit of patching mayb needed ;) and as for w02507 i embeded the wave file into my kgm#1 n then created a player to playit. i guess u kno how to add the wav file into the resource.heres the code for the player in c# using; //in the forms section // soundplayer player = new soundplayer(;;
28. May 2008
Lol, i'm not a bigGun =).
28. May 2008
Now now dont be so modest guys...............;)
20. Jun 2008
I've submitted my solution. I hope it makes it through this time.. Anyways.. the other way to generate serial without using file would be to patch the original program and write the data into registry.. right??

Or we just look upto the file last update time and use it, I guess..? What do you reckon?
20. Jun 2008
i'm not a bigGun. Cracking is justan hobby.

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