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::Obnoxious FlipFlop::

Difficulty: 4 :P

yeah yeah its a difficulty 4.


No patching.
No Bruteforcing.

If you find any bugs please let me know.

[Special Feature]
step by step visual keygen will be appreciated.

Greetz Fly out to, cyclops, indomit, tornado..... to my offline friends jim~, br0ken, w02057..... and all my friends@

[on a light note]
Gold Medal to anyone who does it be4 indomit :P.

[MODERATOR NOTE] go go indomit!

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 18. Jun, 2009
Downloads: 419


Votes: 6
Crackme is quite nice.

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Solution by KernelJ, published 23. jun, 2009; download (98 kb), password: or browse.

KernelJ has rated this crackme as quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

19. Jun 2009
Man...I hate .NET debugging but I'll give it a shot. It just adds to the challenge. =D
20. Jun 2009
Ok, I understood the algo.
But how do you fill a 8x8-Matrix with 3 coords per step (+/- 1 field and not in line) and hit each field only once or three times?

The Keygen will have to do this ...

Good luck to all others who have the same problem.
20. Jun 2009
ok, I forgot the coordiante (i;j) with 0 <= i,j <= 6

But the keygen has to understand it also :-)

Greetz alsor
21. Jun 2009
KeyGen is working for i and j != 2 or 5 ...

... keep going!
22. Jun 2009
@alsor keep it up. but i forgot to add an important function to the program making it easier it should be fairly easy if you have a better look at it.
23. Jun 2009
please see KernelJ's keygen; it's very cool
23. Jun 2009
awesome keygen ;D
23. Jun 2009
Gold medal to kernelJ cheers. The keygen is gr8. I had a totally different idea about it but it turned out to be a bit different(i forgot to add a function :P LOL). And about that constructor i just thought it wd be redundant :)......
24. Jun 2009
heh, my approach was a bit easier then kernelJ's, I allowed two blocks to overlap, so i only had to remove the tile which had name, then place blocks all over to invert it
cool keygen :p
27. Jun 2009
congratulations to KernelJ

I didn't have the idea to put the first L into the middle of the squares :-)

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