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The german secret service intercepted an email to an espionage team.
But painfully the message resist in an executable.
The message can only be read,if you know the spions names.

Get as much info u can get !!!
Der deutsche Geheimdienst hat eine E-mail an ein dreiköpfiges Spionageteam abgefangen.
Leider ist die Nachricht in einer auszufuehrenden datei.
Die Nachricht kann aber nur gelesen werden ,wen man den richtigen Agentennamen weiß !
about time to solve:
10-15 minuten resolve all infos

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 31. Oct, 2008
Downloads: 566


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Solution by main, published 07. nov, 2008; download (1581 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

02. Nov 2008
I'm kind of stuck, I found out that the sum of the numeric values of the first 4 characters (\r\n are countede if less then 4 chars are inputted) that you input have to hadd up to 0x129. After that, I saw a jump and a compare eax to 'O', but got lost there. The program doesn't say 'wrong user', but nothing is outputted.
My input: ZkW

Any pointers are appreciated.
02. Nov 2008
I´ve solved it now. In my solution I have 4 chars anyway. There are a xoring with 4 predefined dwords, look for that and keep the xor in mind then you´ll solve it. And keep the endians in mind! :)
02. Nov 2008
Sorry, I must´ve been drunk when I wrote that above :)

Of course, there are 3 names and they decrypt dwords that correspond to the entire message. I got 2 of 3 now, but soon I´ll have the third.
02. Nov 2008
Now I´ve found the third name :)
02. Nov 2008
But this one does not take 10 min. It takes at least 20 mins I think, if you don´t already know what to look for of course.
02. Nov 2008
the bomb will kaboom in 2009 so u got more time than 15 minutes :)
02. Nov 2008
Hehe, dull germans. Probably the girls fault :)

I´m working on solution, but the problem is I´m looking for a nice function to convert dword to string. PBYTE does it for now, but there should be nicer solutions to this. Do you know any such function? I don´t like ugly code... :)
02. Nov 2008
Hmm, It seems that printf("%s", (char*)&a_dword) does the work too :)
10. Nov 2008
main: if string is above or equal 4 bytes u cant use ptr to dword because of 0x00 at end. printf never ends printing a nonended string.

btw nice solution
12. Nov 2008
Yes, that is correct. That is why i added the terminatng character in my solution. Bu anyway, is there a better way to this (print dwords)?

13. Nov 2008
nice one, I liked the "little story" behind it a took me about 40 minutes to solve it ;)
13. Nov 2008
love you solution !. thank you.
how come you file is so so small ? did you actually wrote the whole thing in ASM ?
14. Nov 2008
Thanks! Keep on coding! :)

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