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===KeyGenMe if You can!===

Try and get a valid key for the program.

You will not be able to self-keygen this one
or fish a serial out.

A valid solution entails a keygen, but post your
valid keys in the comments if too lazy to make one.

I can provide the source code to those who have posted
a solution but don't spread it around. Message
me if you want it.

-- mre521

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 07. Jul, 2014
Downloads: 754


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Solution by bottonim, published 26. aug, 2015; download (12 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

29. Jun 2014
Acabo de Crackear este archivo :D
06. Jul 2014
If you cracked it then write a solution for it.
07. Jul 2014
But write the tutorial in english. That will help.
Pero escribe el tutorial en inglés. Eso ayuda a compartirlo.
01. Aug 2014
it is difficult
19. Aug 2014
Here is a teaser key that works.

Name: mre521
Key: C4E5RM3UI4

I suppose this challenge is not quite what it seems to be. Hint: The significance of the music in the program is greater than you probably think.
25. Aug 2014
Name: b3nder

good crackme, music is awesome :)
29. Aug 2014
That was insane =). Sent keygen source to your mail. It's well commented and contains one interesting question about key validation routine.
Name: AntonDevil
Key: NS4V98AI00

And yea, music as awesome. Good old times =)
10. Sep 2014
Anyone want to submit a Solution? I know multiple people have figured it out.
24. Aug 2015
Name: bottonim
Key: 7S33PR1EJ3

Great crackme! thamk you very much
28. Aug 2015
İ change je command to jnz and it work awesome :D

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