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you find a name for a randomly generated serial. its easy, i guess.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 15. Feb, 2010
Downloads: 1372


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Solution by _ghandi_, published 21. mar, 2010; download (5 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

16. Feb 2010
That was fun. Good stuff!
16. Feb 2010
I upload the soluce.
16. Feb 2010
nice idea :) i was planning to do the same in some day :)
17. Feb 2010
I do not know how to program. :-(
But i'm happy to work on this crackme.
18. Feb 2010
lol, i have a solicion but not a real keygen...
every name you enter will work (i hope)
27. Feb 2010
hey, nice crackme , very easy serial:Iiy-11fyt-522ssm-914xmf-y
name:mfwhxwqopy , posted a solution in latin language in my blog, but i don´t know how to program too. and sorry for bad english. :) greetings!
03. Mar 2010
kaspersky - Trojan.Win32.Agent.dkyp
03. Mar 2010
kaspersky seems to be the only virus scanner that says this is infected - this should be clean.
05. Mar 2010
lol i solved it too but... every name you says "Good Boy!" :p
18. Jul 2010
nice i solved it it looks good next time upload a guid crack me :)
18. Jul 2010
Really strange serials and names as well
19. Jul 2010
moofy, just so you know, avast says it's a virus too. Perhaps theres a call somewhere that could be interpreted as dangerous?
02. Nov 2010
it shouldn't have one - it was coded on a windows installation that has never seen the internet at all before (not to mention both computers have a virus scanner and scanned on both computers before uploading, the computer it was coded on is my coding desktop). there is nothing malicious in the code - i assure you. i am probably going to update this to add the source code

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