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This keygen-me was made by Madeinqc


You need to Register to the keygen-me.
To register find the good Key that fit with the Name you put.

Make a Keygen if you can. It's alway a must!

No patching allowed as alway ^^

Have some Anti-Debuggers Tricks so hope you'll find them all ;)
And yes it's possible to make it run in OllyDBG without plugin.

Also, the major difficulty here is not to be able to debug the file, but to understand
the opperation on the Name/Key

Send your valid Name/Key, Keygen (with source) and tutorial to

Good luck to all and have FUN!

HINT: Well... Sorry, no hint here.

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 22. Jul, 2008
Downloads: 394


Waiting for at least 3 votes
(we have only 2).

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Solution by E1xis, published 11. aug, 2008; download (154 kb), password: or browse.

E1xis has rated this crackme as nothing special.

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Discussion and comments

23. Jul 2008
are you sure in your ALGO?
for example name:

has no KEY;

or you want specific-acceptable names only?
23. Jul 2008
@jE: do you've tried all 255 chars?.. seems to be for some names there aren't a valid readable serial :/
@madeinqc: nice tricksss :) i'm just looking a way to reverse the algo (if its possible, if not then bruteforce seems to be an aid for this case ;)..
24. Jul 2008
You need to understand the algorythm... I know there's not a key for each names that's why you also need to find a good name

it's just because you really need to understand the algo... search a little bit, you can find it on internet... it's Math based algo

if you want a hint search for something about Modulo operator
24. Jul 2008
how could I run it in ollydbg? I need a little hint, i'm a newbie.thanks.
24. Jul 2008
see rules, authors wishes, no hints! This is not noob level...

if you can't figure out the debug tricks you won't stand a chance with the algo!

Not being mean, just offering help!!!
24. Jul 2008
ye, yesterday i finished KGen, which corrects NAME.
So must be?
10. Aug 2008
@madeinqc: plz check my solution, dunno if I understood properly what you coded (hope it's get approved ;]).

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