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You need to find the "Good Boy" message (the message that
tell you that you win).

No patching is required so... no patching allowed.

That's all! Have fun and send me your tutorial or questions on

PS: There's a tip in the README for the one who can't find.

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 22. Jun, 2008
Downloads: 424


Votes: 4
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Solution by costy, published 03. jul, 2008; download (122 kb), password: or browse.

costy has rated this crackme as boring crap.

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Discussion and comments

27. Jun 2008
It's impossible. Simply impossible wiithout modifications. There is a popup menu conteins 2 entry "good Boy" and "exit" but there is no possibility to call it.
27. Jun 2008
You're wrong, costy, it is possible to display the menu. The code is small, so it won't take you much time to figure out the trick.
Funny crackme, madeinqc.
28. Jun 2008
jB Probably GetCommandLine could help... What do you think about?
29. Jun 2008
Ok this is the problem.
At line 401170 there is a check.
the value DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+14] must be zero in order to display the good boy message but this value isn't zero. The program never write this value so it's impossible to display the good boy message without patching. No possibility.

00401170 |. 837D 14 00 CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+14],0
00401174 |. 75 25 JNZ SHORT crackme1.0040119B
00401176 |. 66:83F8 01 CMP AX,1
0040117A |. 75 15 JNZ SHORT crackme1.00401191
0040117C |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; /Style = MB_OK|MB_APPLMODAL
0040117E |. 68 18304000 PUSH crackme1.00403018 ; |Title = "Madeinqc's crack-me 1"
00401183 |. 68 2E304000 PUSH crackme1.0040302E ; |Text = "Good job! You found the Menu!
Now send a mail to with your tutorial."
00401188 |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; |hOwner = NULL
0040118A |. E8 9B000000 CALL <JMP.&user32.MessageBoxA> ; \MessageBoxA
0040118F |. EB 45 JMP SHORT crackme1.004011D6
00401191 |> FF75 08 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+8] ; /hWnd
00401194 |. E8 67000000 CALL <JMP.&user32.DestroyWindow> ; \DestroyWindow
00401199 |. EB 3B JMP SHORT crackme1.004011D6
0040119B |> 8B55 10 MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+10]
0040119E |. C1EA 10 SHR EDX,10
004011A1 |. 66:0BD2 OR DX,DX
004011A4 |. 75 19 JNZ SHORT crackme1.004011BF
004011A6 |. 66:83F8 01 CMP AX,1
004011AA |. 75 13 JNZ SHORT crackme1.004011BF
004011AC |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; /Style = MB_OK|MB_APPLMODAL
004011AE |. 68 18304000 PUSH crackme1.00403018 ; |Title = "Madeinqc's crack-me 1"
004011B3 |. 68 92304000 PUSH crackme1.00403092 ; |Text = "You must find the ''Good Boy'' message."
004011B8 |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; |hOwner = NULL
004011BA |. E8 6B000000 CALL <JMP.&user32.MessageBoxA> ; \MessageBoxA
004011BF |> EB 15 JMP SHORT crackme1.004011D6
29. Jun 2008
Oeps.... just press "esc" it will be 0
But AX is not 1....... a mouse call so AX will be 2.
29. Jun 2008
costy, as I wrote before, the crackme is ok. You can display the message without patching.
30. Jun 2008
i'm really sorry...
but when i press "esc" the crackme is closed.

I'm not perfect ... so i can make errors...
I'm waiting for a solution...

@jB The solution proposed by Bswap works on your pc?
30. Jun 2008
costy: no, what Bswap wrote isn't related to the solution. Try to disassemble the program with IDA, not Olly. You've missed something. Your second post might help, though I don't want to give hints.
30. Jun 2008
I only saw that the crackme search the character "/" in the arguments and store it's position in a memory location. that's all. is IDA freeware?? I have never used it...
30. Jun 2008
Ahah WTF!
It took me 2 minuts but nice "trick" ;)

Funny! Good job madeinqc XD
30. Jun 2008
coULD you send a solution?
30. Jun 2008
No. I won't write a solution because you have to understand how to solve it by yourself. You are in the right way, just take a look a little bit deeper.
Ps: I could give you an hint with private message or better you can read something more about the WNDCLASSEXA's struct and try to find a way to solve it! ;)
30. Jun 2008
Sorry, i mean WNDCLASSEX's struct (without the final A.. damned copy/paste!)
01. Jul 2008
Thank you for the hint
03. Jul 2008
The hint wasn't usefull.

This is the WNDCLASSEX's struct.

typedef struct {
UINT cbSize;
UINT style;
WNDPROC lpfnWndProc;
int cbClsExtra;
int cbWndExtra;
HINSTANCE hInstance;
HICON hIcon;
HCURSOR hCursor;
HBRUSH hbrBackground;
LPCTSTR lpszMenuName;
LPCTSTR lpszClassName;
HICON hIconSm;

I suppose that lpszMenuName should be equal to the resorce menu name.
So I opened the program with ResHack and i see the menu name.
That's ok.
But how can i change it?
The only way, i think, is passing a particular value in the command line. It seems that che crackme stores the position of a particular character in the sting. This character is '/'.
But now i don't know what to do.....
Could someone send a solution.
03. Jul 2008
ok i solved it. :-)
Now the question is .... is it possible to find the menu name without a resource editor?
Bye Bye
Thanks to jB_ and Ox87k.
03. Jul 2008
Why you want to find the menu name without any resource editor???
03. Jul 2008
read the 3e line
"No patching is required so... no patching allowed"
changing the resource is patching ....... or what.....
03. Jul 2008
First: I committed an error the crackme isn't a boring crap. It's awasome.

@Bswap I didn't changed the name of the menu. But i used the resource editor to see the menu name.

So I asked (just to learn more)... Is it possible to know the menu name without a resource editor?
Sometimes the exe are patcked so it's impossible to use a resource editor....... that's all.
03. Jul 2008
@costy nice tutor thx.......
03. Jul 2008
@costy: Thanks for the greetz and nice tutor ;)
04. Jul 2008
ok... but... could someone answer to my last question?
04. Jul 2008
Nice solution.
And nice crackme.
07. Jul 2008
loll thx for these comments. I'm planning to do a even more complexe crack-me. in fact it'll be more a keygen-me so watch out for obscufaction code loll :)

will be out as soon as I finished my other program then that keygen-me ^^

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