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This CrackMe is my frist so...

It's protected with my own little protector(maybe i 'll release it)
And please read info.txt for details"

Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 22. Jun, 2005
Downloads: 7674


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Solution by [BiGBOi], published 01. jul, 2005; download (954 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

22. Jun 2005
Is "You've done nothing !" good serial message ?
22. Jun 2005
Sorry, I wrong when cut and paste.
Is "Sorry, your key is not real." good serial message ?
22. Jun 2005
Or it's this????

Oh, you crack it!
The pass for the archive is the right code for author's name.

But you tell us
"Don't mind the message about not real key if you got a mess with congratz(oh, why did I said this?)"
24. Jun 2005
Hey Mr. lord_Phoenix........,

I downloaded your crackme and read the info....... But didn't quite understand what is the target......... Yes, opening the is allright but how do I crack the crackme........ Find a valid serial or patch it at various places??............ And will the crackme reveal the password of or will the serail that works on the crackme work on the zip file??

I am a TOTTTAL newbie ..............., forgive me for my lack of knowledge and please explain a little.........
24. Jun 2005
Ok you are supposed to find a valid serial for the author names which would be the password for the zip files.

The serial check user name and user serial to get a checksum that should be equal to a hardcoded value.After spending a substantial amt of time i had a working serial that goes through all the checks. But it doesnt work oens the zip file. At the same i beieve there could only be 1 working serial so that it oens the zip files.
My contention to the author is how could this be possible. I mean if the all the checks are verified its a valid serial and that should open the zip file.
Besides its absurd to generate a misleading message (through SEH)even if the checks aer ok
What do ya think guys
24. Jun 2005
Hey kao can we have an edit button please
I am not sure if i goofed up the crackme but i sure did missed a lot in my message
25. Jun 2005
Yeah Oorja-HaIT,
I too was dissappointed that there is no edit button........

Write in new and say that the ^^Above post is invalid.........

28. Jun 2005
I finally figured this one out. Took me about 4 days but I got it! I'm new to this so this was quite the challenge. I'll be working on a tutorial for it in the next few days. Thanks light_Phoenix!
30. Jun 2005
The first cracker who cracked it is Renno [HTB team]

"Oh, you crack it!
The pass for the archive is the right code for author's name." - right message

U must find correct serial for my name and open archive
02. Jul 2005
Oh......... Finally someone anaged to do this.............

First, it was difficult to find out what to do and then what knida protection it was............

Anyways, good crackme and keep 'em commin........

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