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Este es mi segundo crackme, en este no dare mucha informacion, solo les dire que las pass es estatica
This is my second crackme, in this dare not much information, just let me say that the pass is static

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 16. Jul, 2008
Downloads: 915


Votes: 10
Crackme is quite bad.

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Solution by AloneInTheDark, published 19. jul, 2008; download (542 kb), password: or browse.

AloneInTheDark has not rated this crackme yet.

Solution by apuromafo, published 22. jul, 2008; download (1655 kb), password: or browse.

apuromafo has rated this crackme as nothing special.

Solution by xylitol, published 19. jul, 2008; download (5 kb), password: or browse.

xylitol has rated this crackme as boring crap.

Solution by costy, published 19. jul, 2008; download (557 b), password: or browse.

costy has rated this crackme as boring crap.

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Discussion and comments

16. Jul 2008
This is like level 1, it's so easy (I would say 0, but that doesn't exist).
Solved in a second ;).
16. Jul 2008
Difficulty is -100 for me
16. Jul 2008
too easy i agree
16. Jul 2008
Well, I was testing as a programmer, and not what is more difficult and easier which, as I am learning cracking, only create crackmes, not as Defifered and therefore not be required to Defifered ...

Greetings ...
16. Jul 2008
yep everyone start learning with VB :p
17. Jul 2008
At least level 2.

It all depends on how good you are. No first-time newbies would be able to solve this.
17. Jul 2008
Just a thought for the more experienced members:
You don't have to solve every level 1 crackme that comes in...
Is there some challenge or pride in writing a solution for a crackme that you consider really too easy for you?

Solutions still need to be as detailed as possible.
There's a lot more to say than only "Put a BP here, F9, check register, solved".
19. Jul 2008
yes, this was very easy, but I think one shouldn´t judge too hard, for it´s just a crackme for newbies.
I´m sure that there are a lot of people out there who don´t have a clue (yet) on how to solve this...
19. Jul 2008
@TiGa: It was level 3 so I thought I would give it a try.

Since it changed level and is so easy I'm not going to write a solution, somebody else should do it.
Somebody who might learn something or teach others.

I'm waiting for something challenging =).
19. Jul 2008
The point of view of the writer makes a lot of difference.

Experienced reversers can sum up the solution in 2-3 lines but newbies are still amazed by every successful minuscule step that they take and usually can describe easier crackmes in more details.
22. Jul 2008
@TiGa thx for approvate the update ;)
maybe is big size , but contain info thats others not say :) (the anexo)
24. Jul 2008
a thing I don´t quiet get :
why do people write a solution for a crackme they rated as "boring crap" ?
24. Jul 2008
i think they(my self included :p) rate all VB crackmes like that!
28. Jul 2008
This is not true.
Some VB crackme are difficult. This is my opinion.
28. Jul 2008
Agreed costy VB crackmes could be a big pain at times :)
14. Oct 2008
REally very easy 1 seg to down 1 seg to crack..
Demasiado facil.. has otra mas dificil..
20. Nov 2008
Thank you for this easy crack me.
Guys , It's easy for you. I'm a total noob in cracking and I love crack mes like this...

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