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This is my final UnWrapMe. I hope it is better than my previous one.

Once again the idea is to reconstruct the executable without the wrapper or loader.

I have tested it on XPSP2 and XPSP3 and it will run on both. So if it does not run on your machine then perhaps it has found something it does not like. Certainly the unwrapped part should run without problems.

If you use a firewall that hooks everything in sight such as COMODO then you may have problems running the app due to excessive hooking of system dll API calls.

It will NOT notify you that it is sulking at your set up and that it will not run. If it runs on Vista or Windows 7 I will be very surprised. I have no interest in those OSs.

Insane.exe is the executable to run.

I think that in difficulty it is probably a 3 on the website, although you may think differently of course.

Comments, criticisms and compliments are all welcome. Complaints should be directed to the four winds.

One point to note - on AMD XP 3000+ it took approximately 8-10 seconds to start, on AMD X2 5200+ it took 2-3 seconds to start.

Windows may occasionally report that the program failed to initialize properly because of an 80000003 error when in fact it ran quite happily. Sometimes this may occur and no window appear. Why Windows would do this is beyond my comprehension.

I do know that certain weaker AV products will balk at the name Insane.exe due to there being several malwares having the same name. I cannot be held responsible for lame AV products.

Cheers and farewell

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows 2000/XP only
Language: Unspecified/other

Published: 23. Mar, 2011
Downloads: 195


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Discussion and comments

23. Mar 2011
here both insane and fido does not run...XP sp3
23. Mar 2011
XP SP3 runs fine, anyway it's insane!

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