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It's too easy CrackMe
No compress
Just find password.Name isn't change password.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 07. Jul, 2008
Downloads: 1655


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Solution by starlight, published 10. jul, 2008; download (852 b), password: or browse.

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Solution by br0ken, published 10. jul, 2008; download (2664 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by costy, published 10. jul, 2008; download (98 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

08. Jul 2008
What do you mean here: Name isn't change password. ?
08. Jul 2008
It means "Name doesn t change the password".
The password is always the same.
08. Jul 2008
Maybe "Name does not depend on password."? Encrypted description... What a novelty... ;)
08. Jul 2008
whoops i wanted to say :
is that mean the password is not generated from the name?

sorry :p plz delete the 1st own
09. Jul 2008
PECompact 2.x -> Jeremy Collake
09. Jul 2008
It's not necessary to unpack it in order to find the valid serial.
09. Jul 2008
It's not packed, my PEiD says C++ overlay.
It wouldn't start by loading the MFC framework if it was really packed.
09. Jul 2008

I think it's packed in some way: when I load it in OllyDbg, when the debugger breaks to the EIP, i type in the command line bpx xxx. xxx is not a valid API function so Olly lets me see all the api in the import table. There aren't any api here.

Then I press F9 the program runs and displays its window.
I type in the command line bpx x and now I can see the apis. So it is unpacked in memory.
09. Jul 2008

I noticed that a lot of sections are created in run time
09. Jul 2008
Try to be precise when you report something wrong, the initial file is not packed but another one is.
Tell me by PM if you don't want to give hints to others.
09. Jul 2008
I've included unpacked file in my solution so that newbies can analyze as if the the cme wasn't packed at all.
I don't see a reason to reject this cme.
It's just my opinion.
09. Jul 2008
When a crackme goes through, it usually is not removed.

@br0ken: Just try to show in your video how you got the first and second passwords.
10. Jul 2008
I have found the password, but is used in almost cheating methods. I do not have to End Analysis of a large number of dynamic processes in the distribution and write data.
16. Aug 2013
Download link is broken

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