downloadbrowse[HBK]'s indiana jones si vrajitorul din oz

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indiana jones needs your help
he must find the wizard of oz

dificulty level: easy [if you have a little luck]
accepted solutions:
-find the password, all 'tablets' must be 'pushed'
-the sequence of pushed tablets
i.e. [4,1], [2,4] etc
-optional: ALL the possible sequences


Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 20. Mar, 2011
Downloads: 282


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Discussion and comments

22. Mar 2011
it is done by pushing keys in random order until all of them are pushed :)
22. Mar 2011
nope :)
try harder
25. Mar 2011
ok,ok you didn't say that you want the specific abracadabraaa. but it is still done by pressing them in random order :) "congratulations, bla-bla-bla"
26. Mar 2011
waw, nice gui and music, i like it ;-)
27. Mar 2011
Nice music :)
But we think solution is another one, cause we tried 4 funny method of vptrlx, but message still doesn't appear...
27. Mar 2011
*. sorry for bad english .*
30. Mar 2011
DOLEM, u need to do anything so that the text is abracadabraaa and all buttons are pushed. it can be done using random pressing ;)
24. Apr 2011
really cool game :P
it spend me massssss time to try one out by myself.
but it's able to calc all out as I think, or at least able to brute force out.
at first I just think there are a simple key:
0040158F . 68 00604000 PUSH indiana.00406000 ; |String1 = "AAARBADACARBA"

but the really key is A, B, R, must careful at who will exchange by them...
3,4 1,4 3,2 4,4 2,2 3,4 1,2 3,3 4,1 2,4 3,4 3,3 4,2 3,3 2,1

some helpful tips for next hand tester:
you can log [ebp+10] in here, for log your sequence
00401356 > . 837D 10 65 CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+10],65

and ths's great job, beatiful solve /:^]
as great to HBK, cool job.

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