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EXCELLENT: create a working keygen for serial number and activation code.

PERFECT: create a working keygen for serial number
and use self-keygenning for activation code.

GOOD: Give a working serial number and use self-keygenning for activation code.

Good luck and happy!

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 13. Sep, 2015
Downloads: 383


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Solution by acruel, published 23. sep, 2015; download (2 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

17. Sep 2015
Took me way longer than expected, but it was my first keygen :)
17. Sep 2015
in saying that, it was a fun challenge, Thanks
17. Sep 2015
Got the general serial code and made a activation code gen program.
I tried to make a serial gen, but seems my equation is not working although randomly generated code seems correct.

((double)(func(tmp, 0) - 351689844.0) / 209.0)*749.0 + 354911237.0
17. Sep 2015
There is 2 halves to the serial (7 chars each), both start from the same random value. both values are multiplied, and added to.

the values are both divided by 26, 7 times, and remainder of each operation is put into the serial.

the final position of the serial, is the sum of every odd position across the entire serial
17. Sep 2015
Yes, based on the comment the above equation give the last half number which is 26mal number. I don't know where I'm stuck.
17. Sep 2015
i've posted the code as a solution, but until its reviewed,
if you want to cheat :)
25. Sep 2015
tetman: not sure if I remember correctly, but find out about conversion between base-10/base-16 and base-26, this should give you a helping hand.

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