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Hi again
there is no antidibug nor packer
This is a combination of tricks. Dedicated to BaKaE :-)


- Don't patch the executable! (for at least 2 weeks)
- Enable the 'register' button
- Register the app. Caption changes and 'check' button:
- Enable check button, so if the app is registered and the grid is full and correct, 'check' button click will enable and show 'nice guy' msg.

G' luck!


Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 19. Sep, 2006
Downloads: 623


Waiting for at least 3 votes
(we have only 1).

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Discussion and comments

20. Sep 2006
really nice geeko

got three questions
1. can i patch to enable the buttons ?
2. did you use a better "right grid check" than I :) ?
3. what did think which sudoku was more downloaded after 8 days ?
(mine was 199)
20. Sep 2006
one thing to add:

i think the sudoku is too hard to solve
there are not enough numbers given to fill the grid correctly
20. Sep 2006
1.I let u patch after several days of 'not patching' work, but is not accepted as a solution, for the moment.
2.Yes, it checks for all possible solutions.
3.Mine is younger.
4.Adjust the scrollbar for more or less numbers and press 'new'!
PS: I don't know how u generated the grid, but mine is instantly
20. Sep 2006
@ 3. we look after 8 days (28.09.06)

you have the choice explain me here how you fill the grid
send the source-code (generaten of grid only) to my mail

@4. really nice idea, dude!!
20. Sep 2006
ok: algo is simple. It starts from a ready solved grid. Sudoku has the property: if u swap 2 columns, or 2 rows in the group of 3, the grid remains a correct one. So swap random some pairs of columns and rows and u have a new completed grid. Just show some of the numbers and u have a new problem. Still want the source?
20. Sep 2006
no !!
write a random-number into a cell and test there is the same number in row, in column or in "group". if yes take a new number. if all numbers tested and no one worx start at the beginning. this means i have every time a 100 % new grid.
20. Sep 2006
random swaping gets also a 100% new grid. Think about a digit in a 3x3 group, u can move it any where by swaping rows and cols. Endless possibilities.
25. Sep 2006
U may use an external program to do an on memory patch.
At a last resort, patch is allowed to make the 'register' button active.
12. Oct 2006
change the color of 2 pixels. move the mouse in a specific way on the screen to register.
06. Dec 2006
now you may patch it

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