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Very long time no see
Something special for your birthday.

NAG screens. (whazzup? Name/serials is all you can do?)
Here you have to do anything you like to play the little game without the naggy screen!


Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 21. Oct, 2006
Downloads: 1404


Votes: 4
Crackme is boring crap.

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Solution by sharpe, published 21. jan, 2007; download (351 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by EsKiMo, published 04. jan, 2007; download (11 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

21. Oct 2006
Hmm dunno if im doing something wrong but it seems the program doesnt shut down properly... If you check in the processes you see its running after shutting it down. It also causes an error if you run the original exe again! :\
22. Oct 2006
Well, i just nopped the Call to the Messagebox and it works now without nag. I dont see the Challenge here?
22. Oct 2006
Hehe ye it should be a level 1 imo :)
23. Oct 2006
If the pc is too slow, the proggy may not terminate completely. Is tested on 1,5 Ghz Pentium. What process remains in the list? The error is normal. End the process manually and run again.
@deepblue, where did you patch?!?! I'm not sure you saved your patch and run again.
Did I miss something?
23. Oct 2006
I wouldnt exactly call my Athlon 3200+ "slow". When opening the main executable, it unpacks a second file and opens it, the error consists of the first main-file "hanging" after the second executable is running and even after closing the second executable it still runs.
Ths could be caused by my antivirus which gives me a warning concerning a hidden install (the second file) but im not sure and im not at home right now so im not able to test it :)
23. Oct 2006
Sorry. I accidentally posted some kind of solution.
Did u read my post geeko? Otherwise i write you a pm.
24. Oct 2006
Prog keeps crashing on me when I try and fix it. Got rid of the Nag screen though.
24. Oct 2006
@saxon. The main prog is supposed to remain in memory until the second finishes. I'll disclose something: the main prog loops like this:
until findwindow(nil,pchar(n))=0;
Where n is the caption of the second exe ('Naggy').
I dodn't see any problem here, sorry..
@deepblue. I didn't read your post, write pm.
@electron, it crashes if u do a wrong or incomplete patch or if pause the normal running (eg debugging)(coz there are some timings inside). Not intended btw.
24. Oct 2006
OOOps, I missed something. Should I upload again? or I will ask some more conditions: Don not change the name of the files! and you will have more fun cracking this.Or I'll upload again and it will be no more 'quite bad'

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