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what we have learned from Evolution 4:

what was bad:
Using a resource editor (reshacker) we can easily bypass/delete main initialization procedures. Also we can change many properties of the objects inside de app. Using Dede we can analyze the procedurees and see where the application terminates and other delphi functions in clear text.
What was good:
Some patches influenced the normal flow of the program, so Tornado had to patch in many places.
So, lets work arround these facts: Evolution 5.

In this crackme you have to do anything you want to play the little game.

thanx to tornado and all

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 29. Apr, 2009
Downloads: 525


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Solution by skalk, published 11. may, 2009; download (216 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

29. Apr 2009
Hitting cancel causes "Access Violation @ 00000000" !!
30. Apr 2009
Is a little bug, I know, but I left it as is as part of protection. I was just lazy and used standard Delphi input box
05. May 2009
is someone working on it. or evolution has reached full maturity?
06. May 2009
we are working ...
i think this should be evol6 :)
now u did some traps ...
06. May 2009
ok . i finally did it by finding part of key and some patch. game is running ...
07. May 2009
if you didnt bruteforce it, and the game is running normaly, write detailed tut, so we can evolve.
why should be evol6?
07. May 2009
it would be nice if you write which were the best parts of protection
07. May 2009
ok. solution posted. best protection ? hmm maybe those floating-point calculations - they made a exceptions for bad password and we dont know if they are needed or not
08. May 2009
yes, they are needed
who said is the best protection?
13. May 2009
geeko, I can make the game run with a 2-byte patch and an almost correct password, but that isn't quite good enough.
I assume there IS a password that will make the game run without any patches. Am I right about that?
19. May 2009
Go , write tutorial. many tuts are always welcome, so to make a better protection stuidying them. Yes, there are many possible passwords. find one of them and youu will not need to patch. it would be the best crack.

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