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It's been a long time since I wrote a crackme, and I hope this won't be a bad one to start off with :D

There's basically two conditions to solve this.

1.) Find a correct password to your Username (shouldn't be too difficult)
2.) Make/Figure out the KeyGen algo for this (Hence why i'm placing this as a difficulty level 3).

The three other dll's in the directory are for the program to run, as it relies on the Qt framework. They have nothing to do with the KeyGen algorithm at all.

Enjoy :D

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 03. Jan, 2013
Downloads: 343


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Discussion and comments

10. Jan 2013
You are using strcmp so serialfishing with Olly was easy.
00000-00000 always works for any name.
Now when I run it outside olly the serial doesn't work anymore, is this a bug or did you do this on purpose?
Ganoes Paran
11. Jan 2013
possibly a bug. There should only be one serial per user though :S

So if possible, try to find the actual serial ^^.

I wrote this up in about an hour, but the algo should be pretty sound. the chances of "00000-00000" being a correct serial for a specified user should be extraordinarily small.
14. Jan 2013
User: giv
Pass: 10760-65005
31. Jan 2013
username: sanayaima
password: O2818-856N1
31. Jan 2013
ooops, my mistake

01. Aug 2014
00401CBB NOPs
01. Aug 2014

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